Conversation with a Rose-Croix (20)

Good and Evil (16)–More on Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

December 13

Finishing up the tea, scones, and the discussion of Michael, Gabriel began, “Sophie, please do not be overly anxious about the knowledge and physicospiritual  models I am introducing you to on this journey. Some of this knowledge is absolutely new to mankind, some concerns modifications of older knowledge, and some will be shown to by incomplete in the future. For my species, old concepts and new concepts are meant to be integrated. They are never meant to be venerated as idols so to replace divine providence with human prudence. Remember the First, Second, and Third Commandments.

“Actually, humans, by nature, generally ignore the first three Commandments, as they are born without an open channel to Divine Love and Wisdom. This channel has to do with the functional capacity of the Noble Organ, which you have learned about already. Such ignorance manifesting from the natural evolutionary tendencies of self-aggrandizement and greed for worldly goods, material or not. The first three Commandments concern God and Man.

“Most persons partially comply with the Fifth to Tenth Commandments, the Fourth we can ignore for the moment. Visible compliance is possible for these Commandments, as they correspond to commonly prohibited actions in most societies. Of course, the majority is happy to violate them such can be done in privacy or with legal permission.

“Sophie, I think you are coming to understand how apart mankind and God are,” concluded Gabriel.

Sophie replied, “I do understand. But, I have a question, Gabriel. You never told me of your home or what you actually are? Who are you?”

Gabriel laughed, “My dear Sophie, answering questions, as to where my original home was or how many universes have I worked within, are not useful. I will tell you the name of the Society with which I am associated. The members of this Society are known as ‘Conrectors of the Word.’ We are not Prophets, Saints, Seers, nor Magicians. Our Work is to appear whenever the Word of God has become so corrupted that it no longer serves its intended purpose. Our job is to restore and advance the Word of God given to Man so it is again useful.

“We are innovators, defenders, and correctors of the Prophets. For Prophets and Saints are perfected kesdjan bodies situated in Heaven, my kind has forsaken heaven so to serve the Lord by retaining our egos, and creating an individualized Higher Being Body, or true Soul. Each of us sacrificed the bliss of an eternity in Heaven so to serve as conscious guides to protect humanity from itself. To consciously sacrifice Heaven is to follow in Christ’s Mission.

“I am one of those who consciously chose the Third Path. This is the Path that one day you and Michael will travel. By your natures, both of you are too good for Hell and not meek enough for Heaven. For you will find immortality in the Unborn, for you both were born more than human and angel,” answered Gabriel. “But, for the moment this is without importance for understanding hell.

“During, earthly life, most people are dominated by the evolutionary desires for eminence, or social position, and the exclusive possession of worldly goods. The existence of these two desires is not inherent to Divinity, or spirituality, but arise solely from the operation of natural laws in the material universe.

“The emotive core qualities of eminence, or dominance, and hoarding, or possession of goods, arose from the biological necessity for animals to be driven by neurological systems promoting the physical survival and reproductive potential of each creature.

“The human desire for eminence is invariably associated with social dominance, power, and social reputation. The desire for eminence is not unique to humans, as it is observed within the higher mammals and primates, e.g., the dominance orders of wolf packs, baboon troops, and chimpanzee troops.

“Ethological observations and neuroimaging studies of animals demonstrate that social importance and behavioral sophistication of eminence increases with cranial capacity, or neurosynaptic volume and density. The psychoneuronal  complexity of human beings far surpassing any other animal, so much so, that humans produce and psychoistically exist in a true virtual world. As far as we understand, only human beings possess biological personality structures capable of exhibiting morality and character. All mammals and primates display what is called temperament, or basic emotive biases. Such emotive biases comprising tendencies to avoid harm, seek novelty, seek social rewards, and persist against difficulty. Much of the time, most of the people spend their lives operating under temperament.

“While, biological temperaments are primarily hereditary, character traits are greatly influenced by social learning and personal experience. Character is seen on three levels of daily behavior: the degrees of personal self-directedness, cooperativeness, and acknowledgement of the necessity for spiritual integration into existence. Character deals with exterior mores, civil and personal morality derived from socialization, and interior mores arising from psychoistic attunement with the Divine Conscience.

“The human desire urging people to strive so to possess more physical goods that necessary for a single person is seen at many levels of biological evolution. The proper term to use is the hoarding instinct, an instinctual adaptation to store food for the winter. Such behavior in humans is understandable, but the development of avarice is a negative psychoistic exaptation seen only in humans.

“Sophie, truly, biological evolution has done an admirable job, as to survival and reproductive success. Natural, or Neo-Darwinian, evolution has been successful in establishing a neuronal hierarchy of creatures, from mindless, invertebrate neural nets to vastly complex brains capable of generating a vast virtual, aphysical dreamworld of fantasy creatures, human kesdjan bodies, or psychic selves, and heavens and hell.


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