Conversation with a Rose-Croix (24)

Good and Evil (20)–Satan and the Nature of Deep Hell

December 17

Soon, both were standing in a tunnel opening onto the deepest level of hell. Looking into the cavern, Sophie saw that it was immense. The tunnel walls and roof seemed to diverge away from each other so to form the cavern. The cavern floor was covered over in dirty ice and a chilling breeze seemed to flow forth from deep ahead. This breeze made a most disturbing sound as it navigated gigantic calcium-rich stalagmites and stalactites. Here and there, Sophie recognized frozen waterfalls and rivers. Sophie was unable to locate any source of light so to illuminate the cavern, but still she discerns the details of the scenery. She thought it strange that the space around them was absent of any hellish life.

“Gabriel, why is this place so dreary, icy, and dark? How can I see if there is no source of radiant light,” asked Sophie.

Gabriel responded, “Sophie, this cavern is situated in a place, so unimaginably distant from the Divine, that the full spectrum of the Light emanating from the Divine Sun inhabiting the center of heaven does not enter fully into this cavern. As I have taught you, the Divine Light entering into our universe may be imagined as an undivided, mega-caduceus formed by the heads, bodies, and tails of the Six Eternal and Diamond Nāga. The Nāga , or Divine Serpents, infuse the fundamental Quale of the Divine required for biological, conscious, and spiritual evolution from the single cell to the fully enlightened Man and Woman.

“The spectrum of the Light illuminating hell is deficient, as it is without Divine Caring (Love) so there is no warmth. The Light is without Divine Knowing (Wisdom) so only insanity is possible herein. The Light is without Divine Transcendence, as the inhabitants herein will not be released until the end of time and the release is to completion annihilation.

“All the inhabitants are provided no Light, other than, the Light to observe, intend, and realize that they are present in this hell. Their kesdjan bodies remain activated only by the worst kinds of a self-aggrandizement. Each one living herein is intoxicated with self-love and self-serving, existing without trust between each other, lacking compassion for all creatures, and connives and wars in the most wicked ways. The greatest desire is to be as Satan. Nice place, eh,” finished Gabriel teasing Sophie.

Sophie wrinkled her nose saying, “Ha-ha. I have a joke for you, Gabriel. Tell me an easy mnemonic for remembering whether stalagmites accrete from the floor or the ceiling?”

“Boy, Sophie, that is an easy riddle. One needs only remember a ballerina. The tights go down and the mites go up,” answered Gabriel. As Sophie appeared a little bit disappointed, Gabriel reminded her, “Sophie, what do you expect from an Immortal, and a smart one at that?”

Gabriel took Sophie by the hand and she found herself by a vast lake of ice. Standing upon the surface of the lake were frozen kesdjan bodies in various poses. Sophie saw naked men and women everywhere. In the center of the frozen kesdjan bodies was a gigantic, immensely hideous, creature covered in icy scales. Sophie found herself transfixed.

Gabriel interrupted Sophie’s mesmerized state of mind, saying, “Sophie, I want you to shift your attentive focus from the frozen sociopaths to the frozen gigantic being. I am not asking you anything about size differences, it is something more subtle I would like you to notice. When, you find you can answer my riddle, then tell me the answer, please.”
Sophie observed the scene for a few minutes and said, “There is a subtle difference between the frozen sinners and Satan. Within the thoraxes of the once living kesdjan bodies, I see, in the place where once beat a human heart, nothing, but shriveled, dark, and odious soul-seeds. Endless streams of hate issuing forth, filling the lungs, and exiting from open mouths. The force of such hate is what creates the chilling winds rushing about. Each frozen kesdjan body wants to conquer hell, itself, but can do nothing being frozen.

“The gigantic frozen creature with horns, claws, and bat wings upon its back, is not a creature at all. It is an imago generated by the insane minds of the hideous sinners in this cavern. The hatred and rage issuing from their mouths, for so many thousands of years, condensing and solidifying so to form an Archetype, Imago, of pure self-love and hate for what is not self. But, the creatures of this hell foolishly believe that their Archetype, or Imago, is coequal to the Lord. As all kesdjan bodies must worship that which they love most, each region of hell must have its own false god, and imagined Archetype.”

“What you have seen, Sophie, is the truth of hell. For there is One God Alone, and such God is the Source of all things. God did make hell so to protect the living and those in heaven. Mankind blames God for many injustices, when, in truth, Mankind should blame himself.

“Foolish, indeed, are the humans worshiping Satan and his followers. For they worship nothing. For when has goodness and profit flowed forth from dead idols? Brothers and Sisters of Our Society have come into untold universes. They have observed the operations of these universes and have reported their findings. To our knowledge, the Metric, its triune hierarchy of energies, and the Divine Qualia have restricted the spread of evilness between four brain creatures and the physical world and the most concrete astral planes of common dreaming. As evil can only arise from partially conscious creatures, evil is kept in bounds,” added Gabriel.

Sophie responded, “I understand Gabriel so much better than before. I hope someday, my species will come to understand what I have been told and have seen. When will the Society send forth a new Savior?”

As Sophie watched Gabriel’s face, she could see that a great sadness had come into his heart. It remained only a few seconds before Gabriel answered Sophie’s question, “Sophie, I do not have an answer to your question. Our last attempt to intervene was when our Beloved Jesus accepted the Christ Consciousness into his being during the baptism at the River Jorden. All of us believed that the proper time had arrived in Israel, but we made a terrible miscalculation as to spiritual capacity of the Jews to acknowledge the Christ.

“Contrary to what the Catholic and Protestant Churches have accepted as Dogma, crucifixion was not part of the plan. Christ’s Teachings were not meant to be taken literally and acted out upon the material plane. Fortunately, St Paul was able to salvage something good from Jesus’ sacrifice, which remains in the Orthodox faith. The Catholics went over to the imagined Satan a long time ago.

“I think it is time to leave this dismal realm, my dearest. We shall return to Damascus for a bite to eat and some rest for you. Then, off to another adventure. Take my hand and it is done.”

Hell was left to its denizens and Sophie and Gabriel were back in Damascus.


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