Conversation with a Rose-Croix (35)

Moral Travels in the Astral (31)

December 29

Alliona said, “I am sure you and Sophie are tired. I have a room for you two and in the morning we will discuss your request.”

Sophie was exhausted and fell asleep as Gabriel carried her upstairs. He thought she was likely uncomfortable in her concubine outfit and removed her clothing so to put a night gown on her. It was the first time he had seen her naked and was quite pleased, even for an Immortal. He removed his outer clothes and climbed into bed. Sophie moved into his arms and fell fast asleep.

Gabriel was up as soon as the sun peeped over the wintery horizon. Sophie was still asleep and so he quietly dressed and went down to the kitchen so to have some tea with the ladies preparing for the day. Gabriel greeted everyone, “Good morning, my beauties. I swear, you and Alliona are truly the prettiest Djinn in the whole Djinn universe.”

Alliona came into the kitchen a few seconds after Gabriel, “Darling, I see you have not lost your poetic nature. Such sweet words come only from you. I was hoping you would pay me a nightly visit, sweetheart. But, I am glad that you remain true to Sophie. She is a treasure and I wish you both all the happiness possible from a Djinn oil lamp. But, I do deserve a passionate kiss from those sweet lips.”

And a sweet kiss it was for both.

Gabriel turned to the kitchen maid, Wintry, saying, “My pretty, will you please take a pot of hot tea and some sweet biscuits to Sophie. Just put them on the table by the bed. Thanks, Wintry.”

Wintry was surprised that he knew her name and giggled, “Yes, milord. I will do it right away.”

Gabriel and Alliona sat down in the kitchen and she talked about her son and daughter. Gabriel had not visited for a century and so much catching up was necessary. Both kids had grown up to be responsible Djinn.

Gabriel took Alliona’s hands into his saying, “I am very happy for all of you, honey. I am glad that what had once been such a great worry blossomed into something useful. You always were a great mother, Alliona.”

Alliona smiled, “You do realize that I still love you, Gabriel. I always will. But, we were happy with each other and I shall never forget this for I know that you have continued to watch over my family all these years. I know Immortals are not like other creatures when it comes to love and relationships. I realized a long time ago that your love for me would never go stale or be diluted by other females you love. I know there is a universe somewhere in which we are married, have children, and I have all of your love. And one day, I will be in that universe with my Gabriel.”

“Alliona, you have always been an intelligent lady. What you just said is true, my love. There is such a universe waiting for you. And one day, you will find yourself in the kitchen of our home and calling the children and me to breakfast. I have always loved you as my only love and always shall,” replied Gabriel.

Sophie entered the kitchen as the conversation ended. She was wearing more appropriate clothing and did not need to pretend to be a concubine. She kissed Gabriel on his lips and Alliona on her cheeks. “Alliona, I really appreciate your sincere kindness and respect towards myself. I understand why my Gabriel still loves you and your children.”

Alliona was surprised saying, “Sophie, you really understand just how special Gabriel is? He is quite unique, even for an Immortal.”

“Don’t be too surprised, I was about to walk into the kitchen and heard you two chatting so I stopped to listen. I guess one of the best indications that a man really and truly loves you is that he can never stop loving you. This is the kind of husband I want,” replied Sophie, “and I must admit that I was not asleep when you undressed me, my love. Your hands felt wonderful. I was hoping you would make love with me, but you truly are an Immortal of your word. I love you one hundred times more than last night. There is nothing I would not give or do for you, Lord Gabriel.”

Everyone laughed when Sophie said Lord Gabriel. Sophie sat next to her husband to be and breakfast was served with fried eggs, home fries, bacon, pickles, and warm bread with butter. After breakfast, Alliona said, “Sophie, now I shall honor my promise to Gabriel and tell you the nature of most of the Djinn folk–us excluded.
Alliona began her tale, “The Djinn were created a very long time ago by the same Demiurgus which created your universe. We had physical and kesdjan bodies just like the four brain creatures of your universe. After a very long time, some Djinn discovered that our physical universe was so old that it was going to collapse upon itself and all of us would be no more. Looking for a solution, we discovered that a small connection existed between our universe and your universe which would allow our kesdjan bodies to move into your universe but not our physical bodies. So all us left our dreamtime and became resident in your dreamtime. Our old universe did collapse and with it our bodies.

“Therefore, the Djinn live within the conjoint four-brain species minds of your universe. Within your dreamtime, we reproduced our old world using the atonic energies. You and Gabriel are existing within the Djinn dreamworld at this moment. Pretty neat, eh?”

“Wow, I really thought Gabriel had brought me to another physical world. Your world is so real, Alliona,” exclaimed Sophie.

“That it is, my child,” replied Alliona. “Unfortunately, moving from our original universe into your universe was not totally innocuous. We discovered that our species now possessed a semipermanent life span. Our children would grow into adulthood and then change very little over thousands of years of living. We were not immortal, as we could die from injuries or illness or even grief. But, when we died it was the end–by transferring to your universe we lost our heaven and hell.

“Realization of the finality of our kesdjan bodies resulted in a focusing of the Djinn mind upon our ancient animal desires. In time, many of the Djinn, male and female, found great delight in interacting in the human dreamworld. Moreover, the Djinn were jealous that humans had a heaven and hell and so they decided to work with hell so to prevent humans from enjoying heaven.


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