Month: January 2017

Poems of Creation (2)


To find God, first you lose God;
To know God, first you forget God;
To love God, first you love a human heart;
To be with God, first you must be embodied in creation.

God is not elsewhere, but always Here and Now,
Look-Listen-Do… remembering to act with Love Alone.

Then ask, within, how you forgot!

Poems of Creation


Once, aeons and aeons, long ago,
in the misty, dark regions of time long lost,
Eros was called by Mother Gaia,
“Eros, dear Love, come to my breast,
come and impregnate my work,
from chaos comes order,
save us or all shall be lost.”

I came, for my wife had called,
dissolving myself, even less than the dust,
I bonded with all things,
my sweetheart, my lust.

Conversations with a Rose-Croix (63)

Why is Observable Space 3-Dimensional? (40.1)

January 29

“But, I do not understand how we can exchange our current world line with another possible world line by simply re-experiencing events which we think transpired twenty-four hundred years earlier. For instance, based upon what you just taught us about time and eternity, how can anyone actually determine just what world line point to choose to change if the number of world lines leading to our present moment is uncountable? Clearly, the sequential actualizations of the wave functions from then to the present moment is not helpful, even if, it was single. I am confused,” said Sophie.

Gabriel smiling, replied, “You should be confused, my dear, as I have not given you all of the facts. For, in and of itself, the three temporal and spatial dimensions are not sufficient. What is missing are some hidden dimensions of space and time?”

Sophie, even more confused, replied, “Gabriel, I know that the universe must possess more than three dimensions of space. You have made a good argument that the universe requires three observable spatial dimensions to manifest as this dimensionality holds a special property called ‘knotting.’ It is impossible to connect the two ends of a line in two-dimensional space so to create a closed entity and any knot tied in three-space can be untied in four-dimensional space or greater.

“You also explained why the universe must contain at least ten spatial dimensions so to be able to actualize energetic events, suggesting that at least seven of these must be imaginary. But, I need more information, darling. I want to understand everything you know so much, my love.”

Gabriel replied, “Sophie, there is so much that modern physics has yet to uncover. The physics I discuss, trans-quantum mechanics, is as far beyond modern quantum theory, as modern quantum theory is beyond classical mechanics. So let me continue to employ the King’s English, rather than the mathematician’s symbology.

“Every universe must employ a functional space of three dimensions for the actualization of the universal wave functions. Why? The reason is that only three-space can manifest uniquely defined energetic entities, quanta or macroscopic. From a purely geometric point of view, the only entities which possess a unique spatial structure, including the capacity for chirality, are knots. As knots cannot exist in any other known dimensional space, discrete energy packets which exhibit rest mass, positive or negative, are only possible in three-space. The fact that physicists have yet to guess this blows my mind.

“While some of our existing, unobserved spatial dimensions are permanently hidden from observation, such being those higher dimensions which are collapsed to the length of Planck’s Length, others are hidden because they exist as ‘mathematically imaginary’ dimensions orthogonal to the observable three spatial dimensions. I will tell you, for all practical purposes, the universe possesses two sets of five coordinate each. Each set required by the two complements of the universal wave function. As there are two, I normally use the plural form when talking.

“Curiously, the only quanta which retain their informational identities in four-space are the photons, as they do not possess rest mass. The primary purpose of photons in four-space is to serve as carriers of information, as to the physical properties a quantum will exhibit when measured in a three-dimensional laboratory reference frame.

“Moreover, photons are conjoined quanta, as they do not possess rest mass and so remain together as a united pair. Rest mass quanta exist as obverse property twins, which are unable to unify as they exist in different phase spaces. One is the phase space of positive frequency and the other within a phase space of negative frequency, where zero is treated as positive.

“Subsequently, the sole fundamental quantum is the photon for it is the only quantum capable of existence and translation in four-space. For only in four-space can the ‘knot of rest mass’ be untied so to free it so to move in four-space. Whenever, a ‘rest mass’ photon resides at rest upon the metric of space itself, special relativity not withstanding, the information contained within the photon packet tells the metric of space to give it all of its physical properties.

“Movement in three-space is an artifact, as objects can only be observed in three-space when they are stopped upon the metric of space itself. When, the rest mass quantum is in motion, it is untied from the metric of space, and so becomes nonobservable as it is in the photon form. It is only observed in three-space because conservation of momenergy requires it to transiently stop in three-space and hop in four-space. So in three-space the quantum disappears and reappears temporally.

“Therefore, as events of the past are composed of well-defined sets of intimately, interconnected energy bundles formed by the gebonic, atonic, and ptahonic quanta, the past can be said to exist as ‘informational knots’ keyed to particular time markers based upon the intrinsic ticking of the laboratory clock of the universe, the only clock which is always is rest. The past exists as ‘informational knots,’ as the actualizations of the wave functions are recorded in the past.

“Moreover, there exists a fourth dimension of time called ‘Hyparxis.’ The word hyparxis in Neoplatonic literature refers to the summit, beginning, or hierarch of a hierarchy. Hyparxis is where the actual and the potential come together, where Eternity and Temporality meet so to actualize an energy event in three-space. It can also be seen as a place in the fullness of universal time and space where something can come into actualization.

“Therefore, confused or not, we will use the dreamtime to travel back in time along the informational knots of the past, which are recorded, and worry not about how they came to be actualized. Once we arrive at the proper point in the past, we will enter into the knot of interest and become part of the set of casual agents acting therein so to help maintain it upon a world line. I think we can correct the error of the past for humanity something before the current time arrives or in the near future. I am using four-space and the four dimensions of time so to partially unravel and then retie the knot and so am changing the whole future of mankind. Tricky, but doable.

“The reason, we are able to do so is because the astral world is the portal to Hyparxis, which exists in the Upper World which I exist within,” finished Gabriel.

Alliona entered into the conversation, “Sophie, it is OK. I have absolute trust in our husband. If he says that we can change the past, then we can change the past. Maybe one day, we will know how we did it, but faith is sometimes more important than knowledge. I have faith and trust in Ariel and in our Gabriel. I have been with him for thousands of years and he has always told me the truth and always did what he said. Moreover, I know Ariel trusted him and she is the Daughter of God.

“So please trust both of us, Sister.”

Sophie went over and gave Alliona a big hug, “You two are the center of my conscious existence, the two beings I love above all others, perhaps, more than I love my baby. I am ready for another adventure.”


Conversations with a Rose-Croix (62)

The Upcoming Honeymoon–Understanding Time (40)

January 28

Gabriel began, “Tomorrow, September 7, Sophie, Alliona, and I are going to take a voyage to ancient Athens and Eleusis. Yes, we are going back into the past so to make some minor changes so to improve the probability that mankind will move beyond its most primitive genetic tendencies. It is my hope to avoid the necessity for Ariel to be born and bring on the end times. There is no guarantee that we shall succeed for the actualization of the universal wave functions from one moment to another is not truly deterministic.

“Sophie, I know you are going to ask me, how is it possible to travel back into the past, as the only available, experiential event is the ‘now.’ I define the ‘now’ as the standard interval of the duration of a human thought gestalt. Such intervals comprising about one to three seconds. Moreover, the past vanishes every time the universal wave functions collapse, or actualize a new energy distribution for the entire occupied universe. So, I need to expand the concepts of time and eternity.

“As each sequential actualization is probabilistic, it is impossible to accurately predict the far future. So the history actualized and experienced at this moment can not be back projected very well. The only physical events which can be reasonably reconstructed are those available from the geological history recorded in the earth. Archaeological records as to human evolution are much fuzzier than the geological record. Social history recorded in writing and stories are even less reliable.

“Moreover, the current universal energy distribution could have evolved in time starting from any number of differing, initial world-events moving from the beginning of time forward. This is best visualized as follows. Place a dot in the middle of a blank sheet of paper. Draw a straight line across the paper from the left to the right some 10 cm above the dot. Draw another straight line across the paper from left to right some 10 cm below the dot. These lines should be horizontal and parallel.

“To the left of this dot is the past and to the right is the future. Now, draw a straight line connecting the left end of the upper line to the right end of the bottom line. Then, draw as straight line connecting the left end of the bottom line with the upper end of the top line. If everything is drawn correctly, you will see on your paper, or in your mindspace, an elongated rectangle containing an ‘X.’ Theoretically, the midpoint of the ‘X’ should be the original dot.

“Imagine that contained within the left triangle exist Inside this triangle are uncountable number of lines leading from the past and ending at the dot. Similarly, the right triangle contains an uncountable number of straight lines leading from the dot to the right side of the paper, the future.

“But, this is not the full picture. The position of the dot can be moved vertically, up or down, until it reaches the two upper parallel lines. Each and every change in position of the dot adds more possible ways to arrive at the present and move into the future.

“Now, imagine that the next world-event to happen jumps from its past line to another line by moving perpendicular to the timeline from left to right. At that moment, any past determinism disappeared and now the future is unpredictable.

“I call the temporal dimension orthogonal to clock time, ‘Eternity.’ Eternity represents the set of all potential possibilities for a universe to occupy, at any time measured from its birth. Moreover, Eternity is actually defined by two dimensions orthogonal to each other and both orthogonal to the third dimension of clock time. The three dimensions of temporality can be visualized as cylinder where the long dimension is clock time and the area between the circumference and the center line is Eternity.

“However, the true form of three-dimensional temporality is more like an American football, or prolate ellipsoid. At both long-ends of the prolate ellipsoid exists a central point from which the surface of the ellipsoid radiates around its central axis. In the middle of the long axis, the circumference of the prolate ellipsoid is maximal.

“If we draw the prolate ellipsoid so its central axis is horizontal, we can place the beginning of a new universe at the point from which the surface area grows from a pseudo-singularity. At its birth, the universe can occupy only a single, well-defined energy distribution. As the universe counts the actualizations of the wave functions from the beginning toward the end, current moment possibilities increase to a maximum and eventually begin to decrease to a well-defined endpoint energy distribution. These possibilities are enclosed within the sequential ellipses forming the outer surface of the prolate ellipsoid. Any question, gang,” asked Gabriel.

Everyone was quiet and looked totally lost. Sophie finally remarked, “Clock time, two dimensions of Eternity, three temporal dimensions and three spatial dimensions. Time is a prolate ellipsoid. Honey, I think it will require much time (pun intended) to understand the fullness of time. But, I do understand that the universe is chaotic and hazardous. But, why does Eternity require two orthogonal dimensions?”

“Sophie, the answer to that question explains how I can take you back into time so to modify which world-events actualize so to compose a new time line and a new present. The second dimension of Eternity is known to the Immortals as Dreaming of Time. It allows us, not to actually go back in physical time, which is entropically impossible, but into the world of possibilities so to move everything to a new world line. By desiring to change the future, we can re-experience the past in the dreamtime which is not bound by either space or time,” answered Gabriel.


Conversations with a Rose-Croix (61)

Gabriel and Tristan Return (39)

January 27

Three months had passed since Sophie, Alliona, and Lydia had arrived to Camelot. Both had made great strides in magic and so were now studying intermediate magic. Merlin attributed such rapid and impressive progress to early immortality. Lydia did find a spell and potion which would add five years of maturity, but Morgana would not allow them to try it out until after her nieces were born. Just to be on the safe side.

Tristan and Gabriel finished their business in Nouseum and returned to Camelot. Everyone was most excited. When they arrived in the Library, Morgana and Eleanor ran to hug and kiss Tristan. Sophie and Alliona did the same for Gabriel.

Alliona pulled up her dress saying, “Honey, look at Sophie and I, we are showing our babies. Isn’t is beautiful. Come and feel your little daughter.”

Gabriel went to Alliona and reached down with his right hand onto her abdomen, “My, you do show that you are pregnant,” as he gently bent over to kiss her lips. I love you, sweet wife. Let, me see you Sophie.”

Sophie lifted her dress also and Gabriel walked around to see her abdomen. He said, “You two look almost identical. Now, I must give you a tender kiss, my Sophie.” He kissed her and continued, “I have very good news. Nouseum is prepared for the moment and Marduk is well hide from the Evil Ones. So tomorrow, we leave on our belated honeymoon. Ready?”

Sophie and Alliona threw their arms around Gabriel. Sophie said, “Oh, yes. Honey. We have many nights of love making to catch up on. Right Alliona.”

Alliona said, “Right as usual Sister. And we are going to start right now.” Both grabbed Gabriel by one arm and the trio disappeared from the Library.

Little Eleanor asked, “Mummy, where are they taking Uncle Gabriel?”

Morgana replied, “I think he must be tired. I am going to take Daddy to bed also. You stay with Uncle Merlin, honey.”

And soon Eleanor and Merlin were alone playing one of Merlin’s magick games.

After dinner, everyone returned to the Library to discuss the upcoming honeymoon. Sophie and Alliona were quite sure that the honeymoon was designed to serve a higher purpose.



Conversations with a Rose-Croix (60)

Djinn Metatheology (38.7)

January 26

Lydia concluded her lessons by saying, “As to the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I am aware that Gabriel spent some time explaining the Djinn position to Sophie. Alliona was raised with such understanding. So this is sufficient instruction for this moment. Any questions?”

Alliona asked a question, “Lydia, I know the reason for the Great Djinn War for we celebrate it during the Resurrection Holidays. But, why did the Djinn forget about reading the Holy Canon after Gabriel saved our race from extinction?”

Lydia replied, “Honey, that is a question asked many times by our forefathers and foremothers. It was pondered and discussed by our theologians and philosophers for many thousands of years without an adequate answer. One day a young Djinn asked Gabriel this question. The young Djinn later told us that Gabriel had a very good laugh when he was told of the bickering and division this controversy created. Gabriel said, ‘Why didn’t someone ask me earlier. It would have been much more convenient.’

“Gabriel’s explanation was that the Djinn lost contact with the Higher Realms of our Meta-Consciousness after their kesdjan bodies were forcefully separated from their physical bodies just before the original Djinn universe collapsed into a new universe. This separation caused a muddiness in the conjoint Djinn Mind and so no one could read the Holy Canon.

“So our theologians opened a great conference, or ecumenical synod, at which each attendee was assigned the task to transcribe from personal memory the complete Holy Canon onto paper. After one month, all the attendees returned with personal remembrances upon the Holy canon and left them with the Hierophants.

“The Hierophants provided all copies to a committee formed of seventy of the most learned and unbiased theologians. The copies were distributed evenly, some 490 in total, to the committee of seventy. Each committee member was to read his or her copies so to reconstruct the Holy Canon in the most reasonable way. By reasonable is meant, the most common understanding of each verse of the Holy Canon. After the seventy were finished, the seventy abstracted representations were distributed evenly to seven committee members chosen by lot to create seven final compilations of the Holy Canon.

“Following the last task, all of the attendees gathered together to vote upon which chapter recited in the seven final compilations was the best. It was a forced vote as none of the original versions were allowed to enter into the controversy. Needless to say, some argument arose, but eventually, a majority of the attendees approved a final version of the written Holy Canon.

“However, as the Djinn had begun to exhibit signs of egoism and desire to be correct, controversy over the correct wording and meanings of the Holy Canon became evident and much ill-will was present. This controversy, being useful fuel, for causing division of the Djinn. Moreover, this controversy was used to begin the Great Djinn War.

“The Djinn inability to read the Holy Canon in its pristine form was not corrected until the arrival of Ariel who restored the Holy Canon back into the new Djinn conjoint mind. But, this knowledge was not given to the Djinn who serve Heaven nor those who serve Hell ,” finished Lydia.


Conversations with a Rose-Croix (59)

Djinn Metatheology (38.6)

January 25

As there were no questions, Lydia continued, “The Fifth Significant Difference betwixt Original Christianity and Church Dogma concerns the depth of free choice over moral matters given to man by God.

The Djinn Holy Canon prevents its adherents from using human frailty as an excuse for their failure to live a true Christian life. The Canon teaches the Djinn have the freedom of true choice in moral matters. A Djinn may choose to harbor the love and wisdom of the Holy Family, or he or she may choose to be a vessel for egoism, greed, and ill-will. A Djinn’s will is sufficiently strong so to strive toward a sinless life. However, a striver for the Highest Good is not forgotten by the Holy Family for they will assist when assistance is needed to manifest a good work.”

Our Beloved Ariel said, “Whenever, I need to discourse upon the subject of moral instruction and the conduct required to live a life desired by the Holy Family, it is my practice to demonstrate by stories and parables the splendid power and quality of the Djinn nature. By such stories and parables, I nourish the hope and efforts of my children for achieving the holy life. By demonstrating the consequences of worshiping one or more of the various virtues and vices upon themselves and other Djinn, they learn to choose virtue over vice and will follow most faithfully the path of virtue unless we have hope as our guide and compassion.

“It was the wish of the Holy Family to bestow into the rational creature the gift of doing Good of his or her own free will by using the capacity to exercise free choice. The Djinn were created so to have to choose how he or she will use Love, which is, but the food of desire, be such good or evil, altruism or egoism, charity or greed, mercy or hate, and so. He or she could not claim to possess the good of his or her own volition, unless he or she was the kind of creature that could also have possessed evil. Our most excellent creators wished us to be able to do either, but actually to do only one, that is, the highest good.

“The Holy Family detests determinism for what good is a creature who must follow unshakeable dictate. Rather, it be better to create a hazardous and open-ended universe so allow the created to find true individuality and love for all.

“Nothing impossible has been commanded by the Holy Family of justice and majesty. The Holy Family teaches us not to indulge in pointless evasions, advancing the frailty of our own nature as an objection to the one who commands us? No one knows better the true measure of our strength than he who has given it to us nor does anyone understand better how much we are able to do than he who has given us this very capacity of ours to be able; nor has he who is just wished to command anything impossible or he who is good intended to condemn a man for doing what he could not avoid doing.

“When will a man guilty of any crime or sin accept with a tranquil mind that his wickedness is a product of his own will, not of necessity, and allow what he now strives to attribute to nature to be ascribed to his own free choice? It affords endless comfort to transgressors of the divine law if they are able to believe that their failure to do something is due to inability rather than disinclination, since they understand from their natural wisdom that no one can be judged for failing to do the impossible and that what is justifiable on grounds of impossibility is either a small sin or none at all.

Under the plea that it is impossible not to sin, they are given a false sense of security in sinning. Anyone who hears that it is not possible for him to be without sin will not even try to be what he judges to be impossible, and the man who does not try to be without sin must perforce sin all the time, and all the more boldly because he enjoys the false security of believing that it is impossible for him not to sin. But if he were to hear that he is able not to sin, then he would have exerted himself to fulfil what he now knows to be possible when he is striving to fulfil it, to achieve his purpose for the most part, even if not entirely.”

“Ariel brought us Mercy, let us be Merciful to all. So Be It Truly,” finished Lydia.

“The Fifth Significant Difference has been taught by the wisest of human Christians before the corruptions of St. Augustine,

For instance,

Justin Martyr said that “every created being is so constituted as to be capable of vice and virtue. For he can do nothing praiseworthy, if he had not the power of turning either way.”

Theophilus said, “If, on the other hand, he would turn to the things of death, disobeying God, he would himself be the cause of death to himself. For God made man free, and with power of himself.”

Irenaeus said, “But man, being endowed with reason, and in this respect similar to God, having been made free in his will, and with power over himself, is himself his own cause that sometimes he becomes wheat, and sometimes chaff.”

Clement of Alexandria said, “We have believed and are saved by voluntary choice.”

“The only reason this True Teaching was declared heretical by St. Augustine and the ecumenical councils were that it would diminish the social control the Church possessed over the laity and allow them to compete with the warrior nobility. The Church stopped caring about the Teachings of Christ sometime before 300 CE,” summarized Lydia.