Conversation with a Rose-Croix (45)

Resurrection Eve – The Feast (34-2)

January 8, 2017

There was not a dry eye in the group. Not a dry eye, humbug, everyone was crying out of pure joy and happiness. The guests realized that the Resurrection Eve Story was ancient, but, the parts played by Gabriel and Alliona and the old Djinn were so real. As if, Gabriel and Alliona were the mystical couple and the Holy Mother and Father had visited. Alliona’s limp and twisted pelvis seemed so real in the mirror.

Sophie asked, “Alliona, it seemed so real, the story. It was like I was standing in the house with the young couple and the Holy Father and Holy Mother. How can this be? You looked so different and your poor pelvis was so badly deformed when you were naked that it made me want to hug you.”

Alliona smiled, “Sophie, you just experienced the Miracle of Resurrection Eve–the actual reliving of the events leading up the Conception of Ariel. This is why Djinn do not have to believe in the presence of the Holy Family in this universe, for the Holy Ones gave this gift to the Djinn because of the unconditional love of ONE young couple. They told us that we were to celebrate the Miracle every Resurrection Eve so to remind all of us of the power of unconditional love so we will never be misled into evil again.

“The Miracle first appeared at the end of the Great War, when the Holy Family brought the doctor and his Beloved into the Upper Worlds. And yes, Sophie, they did conceive another daughter before they departed. It was my great-granny. It was hundreds of thousands of years ago.”

“Wow,” was all Sophie could say.

The head kitchen granny approached Gabriel, a bit tipsy, though still most proper, “Gabriel, sorry, I mine Milord, may we retire to the kitchen so to bring out the meal?”

Gabriel had learned all the names of the grannies from Eleanor and he replied, “Astraceae, please do so. By the way, you can call me Gabriel–I have never liked Milord so much,” The grannies headed to the kitchen and everyone sat down.

Alliona went to the fireplace mantel and opened an ancient incense censor hanging from a hook. She took some embers from the fireplace and placed them into the censor. She stood up and retrieved a clay jar filled with large chunks of frankincense and myrrh. She took a handful and sprinkled them on top of the embers and closed the lid. She lit the wick of a large beeswax candle and held the lite candle in one hand and the censor in the other and returned to stand next to Gabriel.

Gabriel standing said, “It is the custom on Resurrection Eve for the mistress of the house to take the candle, symbolic of the Higher Light of Wisdom, so to illuminate her path as she censes this room. The smoke and fragrance of the incense symbolizing the Divine Love of the Holy Family.

“But, tomorrow, I will have two mistresses of this house and so Sophia, whose name means Wisdom, will carry the Holy Candle to Illuminate Alliona’s path as she Infuses the symbolic World with the Love of the Holy Family. Truly, Love and Wisdom seem as Two, while still One.

“Sophie and Alliona, I swear upon all that is Holy and Everlasting that I will honor, love, and cherish you both, equally and for all of Time. One day, you will discover that you are true sisters in a new Trinity.

“Tonight and forevermore, I will worship in love at your altars, as established by the Holy Family. So Mote It Be.

Brides thou beest on this the Resurrection Eve, but wives thou beest on the morrow. Sophie and Alliona, I love you beyond the bounds of this Universe. Darlings, cense the room for the Holy Supper.”

Sophie stood up and took the candle from Alliona and as Sophie led Alliona the room filled with the wondrous scent of frankincense and myrrh. Everyone was standing with their heads lowered in personal communion.

When the censing was done, Gabriel recited the Holy Pray and the dinner was served.

There is no time to describe the feast other than to mention than no meat dishes were served, for these must wait Resurrection Day. The family enjoyed,

sweet grain pudding with fresh heavy cream
unleavened round bread
stuffed cabbage rolls
small dumplings with mushrooms
dumplings with cabbage and potatoes
slow cooked kidney beans with potatoes, garlic, and seasoning
small biscuits with poppy seeds and honey

And, of course, spiced mead. Toasts continued through the meal which the grannies sat down to enjoy. Everyone was pleasantly warm and tipsy.

The golden halo again appeared above her head, as Alliona stood and prophesied, “Some day, hundreds of thousands of years from now, the villagers will swear, most solemnly upon the Holy Book, that the Love which shone from the hearts of those, present this evening, was so pure that the Holy Family came to share the Feast and the Third Great Miracle came to be. Truly, the villagers shall claim, that on this very night, Ariel, the Daughter of God, descended into Alliona and Sophie and both became true daughters of the Holy Family. On that night, one of the most celebrated nights in future Djinn history, Gabriel worshiped with such love and devotion at the Altars of Sophie and Alliona that the gift of a Holy Child was given onto each Beloved Wife. The love of three being at last unconditional so that Ariel could confer Immortality.

“If you ask the Djinn how they know this story is true, they will show you an old parchment codex filled with ink drawings of the time the Holy Daughters spent with the Djinn and the Miracles they performed. They called themselves the Sisters of the Returning Savior, their Sister Ariel. And Ariel did come once again to the Djinn and the Djinn came to live in fullness, as the race had done in the old universe. And each will bow his or her head and place both hands over the heart region and recite, ‘Glory to the Most High for the Fourth Miracle, Amen. “

As Alliona sat down by Gabriel, the stardust on the Resurrection Tree began to glow more brightly. Sparks of golden – silver brilliance flew from the Tree into the room, piercing the hearts of all present. With each heart piercing, the miracle of unconditional love for others was no longer speculative. A soft feminine voice spoke to each, “Child, the Greatest Miracle of All Miracles is knowing Unconditional Love. So make it permanent. Never forget that the Holy Family loves you.”

The light of the Tree returned to its previous state. No one knew what to say. Gabriel stood up and said, “Often, words will desert you when unconditional love is felt. But, you can show it by action. Try hugging each other and you will understand.”

And everyone hugged their nearest neighbors and felt the true peace of Love. With the end of each hug, each received another gift. Each knew for a second, the Unending Suffering felt by the Holy Family for the injustice and injury caused to others by egoism.

Gabriel said, “Each must decide which path to travel.”


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