Conversation with a Rose-Croix (46)


Resurrection Eve – The Gift (34-3)

January 9, 2017

Dinner was finished and everyone helped the kitchen grannies clear the tables After all was clean,
Gabriel said, “Everyone, it is time to open some presents.

For the rest of the evening, Gabriel handed out presents again and again. There is no time to describe in detail what the presents were, but everyone was satisfied with each and every present.

Eleanor got many different dolls representing different races in the universe and a doll house for them to live in.

Sophie and Alliona received beautiful diamond necklaces, perfumes, dresses, and baby clothing for two little girls.

Morgana got some very ancient magick books, a new wand, and some very sexy dresses.

For Merlin, Gabriel had located the very first crystal gazing sphere made by the First Ones. Now, he would be able to check on everything going on in the universe. Gabriel had also located some old Hermetic scrolls from Egypt and a few complete Stoic scrolls from Zeno and Chrysippus.

Tristan received a new elf armor and a magick sword which could not be knocked out of his hand.
The kitchen grannies, for this was Eleanor’s new name for them, each received several beautiful aprons and some new cooking utensils.

Alliona’s Inn girls received pretty new lace dresses to wear tomorrow and perfumes.

Tristan’s students each received a magic wand matched to his or her magical personality.

After all the presents had been distributed, Eleanor said, “Uncle Gabriel doesn’t have a present.”

He quickly replied, “No, Eleanor, I received the very best present that can be given to another. For everyone of you have given me so much trust and Love over the years, and Love and Trust are the most precious Gifts the Holy Family gives to each of us so we can share it with others. No worldly gift can compare.

“And tomorrow, I will have my own Immortal Family, beginning with my beloved Sophie and Alliona. Two beautiful, wonderful ladies, whom I think God could not love more than I do–even, if they are to remain child brides for a few more years.”

Everyone laughed with his humor.

“Then, I shall have two little daughters conceived and carried by the pure love of my precious Alliona and Sophie.”

Sophie and Alliona started to cry for their love for Gabriel overwhelmed each. The thought that tonight, all three of them would make the most sacred love, at least for two virgins. Each would be filled with his seed and be pregnant in a day or two–for he had promised. They would give a most Holy Gift to Gabriel and he would reciprocate with his liquid gift of child to them. A perfect Tetrad.

It was dark and so Gabriel sent everyone off to bed. Sophie and Alliona, “I will be up shortly so get bathed and apply my favorite scents and flavors. Sophie, I want you to smell and taste of peaches and Alliona you are to smell and taste of strawberry. Look in your great-grannies potion book for the recipes and where to apply them. It will take about an hour and then I shall be with you, all washed and clean.”

Everyone left the Great Room to their respective bedrooms. Eleanor wanted to sleep by her new grannies and so they took her to the kitchen and made a little bed for her. They did not need sleep as, they had more cooking to finish.

Gabriel walked outside and the carpenter and fire elementals arrived and he drew the building plans in the air with the lines made of light. He showed the fire elementals where to place the artificial sun.
He requested a wooden pyramid of base sides equal to nineteen meters. Five meters above the base a roof is to be built consisting of four triangles climbing at angle of 360 until the four roof segments meet at a single point. Immediately below the upper peak the sun shall be placed. The roof shall not be enclosed. When finished, we shall have a golden gnomon.

Under the central peak, you are too lay black granite tiling so to fill a pentagram having sides of three meters.

The carpenter elementals immediately began to gather the necessary materials.

Then, Gabriel inhaled a very deep breath and as he recited a spell in the original elf language a golden smoke spread out into the forest expelling winter and returning spring for some three miles. None would notice as it was after midnight and everyone in the village was asleep.
He thought to himself, “It is time for a miracle for my friends the Djinn. I know it is Elf Magick, but they know nothing of magick. They will say Ariel did it.”

He heard Ariel’s voice speaking to him, “Gabriel, I am so very proud of you. Of all the Immortals, Father and Mother have been the hardest on you, ever since you visited them as a little boy asking to be God’s helper. So long ago, that none of us even remembers in which universe it happened within.

“And Father and Mother told me to tell you that you turned out to be the best of all.

“Mother said I can be with you, Sophie, and Alliona on the wedding day. That I can feel what they feel for you, enjoy whatever joy they have with you, be with them nursing their little ones, but only in Spirit. But, why do I need my own physical body when I am now a part of both of them. Mother told me that your love for me is pure and I will be your wife, darling. She told me to go to you and tell you that I do love you as a wife loves her husband and I may join with you. Funny, no one other than you and I will know that it is a triple wedding. I will be at the wedding tomorrow, can’t miss my first and only wedding, can I?”

Gabriel responded, “Ariel, I have loved you from the first day, I met you in heaven as a little boy. The nature of my love has matured, but it is so much stronger than on that first fateful day. I guess we have created a new kind of Tetrad, my precious spirit wife. Let us all pray that such may do something important to help with the Divine Plan.”

Ariel appeared before him for a moment and gave him another real kiss. “Husband, I understand. But, now I must go to our nuptial chamber so to be with Sophie and Alliona. They will conceive for I brought Sophie’s body and made one a new one for Alliona. The first Djinn hybrid, one might say.

When you arrive, they are going to tell you that something special happened for now they love you so much more than before. Alliona is clever, she will know that I am within her and Sophie and she will thank me for answering all her prayers and thank Mother for answering my own prayer. After all, she knows that her great granny and I are sisters. Love you.” And she vanished.

Gabriel went to one of the other rooms and had a nice hot bath and conjured up some oxytocin, thinking, “Science is a good thing to be expert in, especially combined with magick.”

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