Conversation with a Rose-Croix (51)

The Nouseum Situation–See “Saga of the Dark Time” (36)

January 16, 2017

Gabriel awoke early and carefully climbed out of the bed so not to wake his darlings. Even in the faint light of the rising sun, he saw the radiance of true joy and love radiating from their sweet hearts. He laughed to himself, “Another Wonder of Creation.”

In the kitchen, he found Tristan drinking tea with the kitchen grannies. Tristan said, “Pleasant wedding. Were the ladies surprised when they discovered that elves always make love before the wedding so they marry with seed?”

Gabriel laughed, “Indeed, they were quite surprised, as this was their desire anyway. Is Morgana still fifteen? Nubile is pleasant, but maturity has its advantages.”

Tristan responded, “She is still fifteen. Being with her now, I find our past times very vivid. I have noticed one miraculous side-effect of Lydia’s potion on Morgana. The little dark spot she has carried since the Evil turned her, even after Merlin rehabilitated her soul, is gone. She has carried much shame for her past and has had such a desire to remove it completely. I think Lydia’s potion, the presence of the Holy Family, your magic, and her desire to be pure for Eleanor and myself accomplished the miracle. To be again with the Morgana, I have always loved is a real gift for me. Thanks, Gabriel. I know you and Ariel returned her to her pristine state.”

Gabriel smiling, “Tristan, do not give credit to Ariel or myself. The miracle occurred because of the intense love that has been in this house since we arrived several days ago. Even, Elf Magick is not sufficiently powerful. Only Love and Trust fuel miracles.”

Tristan replied, “I understand, but I am going to thank you, Sophie, Alliona, and Ariel anyway. The love would not have been sufficient without the miracle of the pure and unconditional love within which you all live. Still, we did to discuss Nouseum, so let us take a walk in the winter woods. The Djinn world is protected from the Dark Ones.”

The pair finished their tea and dressed to go outdoors. Winter had returned. The sky was sunny and the snow fresh. Tristan began, “The Dark Ones have not found Prince Marduk yet, but he is going to be found soon. He is too young and untrained and he cannot oppose them. The magick of Ahri-Simeon and Ahri-Lilith continues to grow as their vanity increases. They seem to have contacted something Evil from a time beyond memory. Even the Prince and Princess do not know this Dark Source. Caspar can find no information in the Archives and I find nothing in the Books of Forbidden Magick. We hope you can tell us.

“The military strength of the Dark Ones grows daily in the most human-like worlds. Especially, within the newer Outer Worlds who possess no knowledge of Nouseum and the compound structure of the universes. Their spies are scouring the universes for appropriate worlds to possess. They will find Earth one of these days. Humanity will be turned. I am afraid.

“It seems that Ahri-Simeon and Ahri-Lilith have too many years head start for Prince Marduk to stop them. I think we need you and Ariel, Gabriel.”

Gabriel did not respond . The two continued to walk hearing only the sounds of their boots on dry fresh snow. Finally, Gabriel replied, “I understand, dear friend. But, you are asking for an intervention far beyond any previous intervention of the Immortals under the direction of the Holy Family. You are asking that we purposely change the full set of possible outcomes for all of the Universes under the guidance of Nouseum. There is not even a guarantee that we would succeed.

“The Dark Source resides on the other side of the Oblivion. It was sequestered by the God Without before any time had been. It is older than the Holy Family. It is older than Nouseum and the Heavens and Hells. If Ahri-Simeon and Ahri-Lilith connected with it while they were in the Oblivion, freeing them opened a portal. Unless this portal is closed again, we cannot win.

“We do have good generals for our troops. Your students are mature and Sophie and Alliona will be fully trained in a few years, including, in High Magick. Marduk and Eleanor will enter battle when they are older. I will rescind my vow not to use Magick in any universe threatened or attacked. The rest of the Holy Family can have no part in the war.

“The Dark Ones need to be destroyed fully. Clearly, Oblivion was insufficient.”

Ariel spoke to Gabriel, “Darling, what Tristan asks can be done. It is beyond dangerous. The price is immense, even if we succeed. For those who die in battle will be lost forever to the Oblivion, my precious. Tristan, Morgana, Merlin, and the students are not immune to death. You and I may survive, but Sophie and Alliona may be too young to do so. I know it will break your heart and mine to lose them, for a part of each lives inside you and me. I will recover, but you, dear Husband, will grieve forevermore.

“I will enter the battle, if need be. The Dark Source must be banished and the door to the Oblivion closed to all Magick forever.”

Gabriel spoke, “Ariel and I agree to enter the War. Sophie and Alliona must decide for they may die, as may you and everyone you love. The Oblivion is open and this is the endpoint of those who die. The door to Oblivion will be closed forever. Sophie and Alliona must not be told until I complete their training in Magick. Agree?”

Tristan replied, “Agree.”

The two returned to the Inn and found everyone in the kitchen having breakfast.

Morgana stood up and greeted Tristan and Gabriel. She said, “Tristan, when I awoke this morning, the dark spot in my heart was gone. It is really gone and I am, as I was when I was fifteen the very first time. I have been forgiven at last. Of honey, my shame and worry are gone.”

When she finished, she started to cry and Tristan took her into his arms and soothed her. Gabriel saw tears in the eyes of Sophie and Alliona and went to hug them also. Sophie asked, “Is it true, Gabriel. Is her shame really gone?”

Gabriel smiling, “Yes, my dears, she is free of her past.”


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