Conversations with a Rose-Croix (53)

Djinn Metatheology (38)

January 19

The residents of the Crystal Cave were delighted to be back home. Tristan had taken his students with him to Nouseum.

Eleanor ran to assure her kitty was OK and found the grey-black tabby sound asleep next to her friend, Cave Mouse. Both had grown up together. Eleanor picked them both up and kissed and kissed and kissed them.

She carried the two friends to the Library to show Sophie and Alliona. Then, Eleanor said, “Sophie and Alliona come see my doll house. Uncle Merlin made it for me and the dolls are magical and can play with us.”

Sophie said, “No way. We have to see this,” grabbing Alliona by her hand and off they went.

The kitchen grannies were still visible to our friends, as Eleanor loved each one very much and they were teaching her how to cook simple items. Morgana was good at magick, but a disaster in the kitchen. The adults retired to the library for some honey mead. Lydia was the first to speak, “Nice place, Merlin. I will enjoy spending a few weeks with you–maybe longer if you find a liking of my charms.?”

Astraceae heard this and stuck her nose in the air and returned to the kitchen. Tristan added, “I wonder which one will win Merlin’s heart? Who votes for whom?”

“Lydia, I have had prior experiences in such matters. They did not turn out well,” replied Merlin.

Everyone just laughed and enjoyed their honey mead.

Merlin continued, “Lydia, I will help you develop a potion to add about five years of maturity to Morgana, Sophie, and Alliona. I realize the physical changes require Djinn clock time to resolve, but neuromaturation would help all of us deal with the Nouseum threat. Moreover, full Immortality will not come to them unless they are emotionally mature. Neither will survive the battle and it would surely break Gabriel’s heart to lose them. Is this possible?”

Lydia thought for a moment and said, “Might be possible. Neuromaturation requires a relatively circumscribed modulation of synaptic densities in very specific areas of the neocortex and hypothalamus.”

Morgana and Merlin just stared at Lydia.

“Sorry, I forgot that you would not know anything about the medical science of the central nervous system, the brain. I spent many years with Gabriel and I learned much about human society and science. He and I visited the Earth for extended stays so I could attend the university where he taught physics. It is easy for me to become young with my potion magick. Watch.”

Before their eyes, stood a strikingly beautiful Djinn who appeared to be in her late twenties. Lydia said, “This is how I appeared to Gabriel and those physical creatures on Earth. The potion gave me a young physical body to occupy whenever I so desired.” Lydia turned toward a long mirror hanging by the fireplace and looked at her reflection as she slowly turned around, “I declare, my human form is still as pretty as ever.”

“Please do not tell, Alliona, but Gabriel and I were lovers before Alliona fell in love with him. But, our paths diverged and that was that. Nice memories, though,” requested Lydia.

Sophie and Alliona returned to the library. Neither Sophie nor Alliona recognized Lydia. Sophie introduced herself and Alliona, “Hello, this is my sweet sister, Alliona, and my name is Sophie. We are both pleased to meet you.”

Lydia held out her hand for Sophie to shake saying, “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Lydia.”

Alliona blurted out, “Lydia, my great granny, Lydia? You look so young and pretty.”

“Where do you think you inherited your beauty from, child. Your father’s side of the family? No, from your mother’s, thanks to your sexy great granny. But, enough of this, back to my granny form. No eligible young men to dazzle with my curvaceous figure and perky breasts.” In a moment, Lydia was back to Lydia.

Alliona whispered into Sophie’s ear, “Sophie, do you think great granny was once a lover to our beloved husband. She is a knockout. I think she could have convinced Gabriel?”

Sophie replied, “I don’t know, sweetie. I think Lydia is Gabriel’s type. I am too embarrassed to ask her so we will ask Gabriel, OK. Anyway, that would have been long before I was born and you were still a child. Gabriel is all ours now, remember. And he gave us babies and not Lydia, right?”

“Well, Gabriel asked me to introduce all of you to Djinn Metatheology and Spiritual Practices. When is the best time? Morning, afternoon, or evening. I would like to have two hour classes and some time for practice everyday except on vacation days,” asked Lydia.


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