Real Knowledge and Esoteric Schools-4

Question 2: Is there more than one esoteric school in our universe?

Answer 2: Contrary to the incomplete thoughts and selfish desires of many persons seeking aggrandizement, careful considerations upon the question lead to only one, simple and rationale answer–no. Each universe can contain no more than one Great Esoteric School; for it is a cosmic principle that all genuine spiritual paths eventually lead to the same realization concerning the necessity of careful harvesting of human potentialities for adequate completion of the universal process of natural and conscious evolution. Successful completion of this task is not a guarantee given by some eternal God to one man or group of men (as taught by many exoteric religious and metaphysical schools); if secured, mankind would have found the meaning and purpose he has so long sought so to justify his necessary and unnecessary suffering.

Moreover, since all conscious beings born into and awakening within our universe have trod the same path (though it might appear different to those who are blind), doing so through right choice and effort; there are no remaining differences of opinion nor directed effort. The Initiates of the Great School exist in a state where individuality functions as conjoined and unified “will and intention.”

Question 3: What is the connection between the Great School and persons and organizations claiming to be exoteric, or incarnate, representatives?

Answer 3: Generally, people claiming that their authority comes from either the Great School or they are Initiates are actually only attempts to propagate personal beliefs among the ignorant masses. Such ‘teachers’ are far removed from the Great School and its intentions for mankind. The best evidence as to the truth of the situation is that the organizations created by such persons work primarily for the material and psychological advantage of the founders rather than for the inner growth of the students. Oftentimes, you will hear stories from former students as to how their savings have been taken in the promise of obtaining sacred knowledge or better fortune. Associating with a worldly school is one place where the student must heed the timeless warning: Buyer Beware!

Sometimes, a self-proclaimed teacher was actually a student of a genuine school, but he or she left prematurely and so did not crystallize his or her connection (that is obtain permanence of the “I” so to survive mortal death) with the Great School. Usually the teachings presented by such schools are infected with wrong information and personal desires, serving as poor vehicles for the Great Light.

Occasionally, a teacher who obtained initiation in a past incarnation appears within the sphere of a legitimate exoteric school and is recognized as an Avatar or Corrector who has reincarnated so to inspire the search for light among those of the masses who have ‘but only a mite of dust blinding their vision’. If the teachers of the exoteric school are attuned sufficiently with the spirit of the Great School so to bring the reincarnating Master into their organization; then he or she will be able to be physically reintroduced to the current state of the world and its understanding of sacred knowledge. Even though, each Avatar or Corrector is born into physical existence with an unbroken attunement with the other Initiates of the Great School; his or her knowledge of the mundane world, science, philosophy and spirituality must be laboriously relearned by the new brain. Probably the best examples of this are found in the Tibetan Buddhist stories of the search for and training of a new lama who is the reincarnation of the previous spiritual head.

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