Real Knowledge and Esoteric School-6

Question 6: How can I contact a representative or legate of the Great School?
Answer 6: The earthly work of the Great School has always been and remains focused upon locating those persons capable of hearing and awakening to the Voice of God Within. In modern terms, the goal of the Great School is providing Teachings and Encouragement useful for awakening the conscious awareness of a seeker sufficiently so he or she can begin to build a ladder and successfully cross the Great Abyss separating mechanical evolution and conscious evolution. No seeker nor tyro (candidate for initiation in an exoteric school under the sponsorship of the Great School) can initiate nor establish direct and personal contact with the Great School by his or her own efforts, regardless of sincerity. All preliminary contact must be made through the representatives of earthy, exoteric schools. The leaders of all legitimate and serious exoteric schools will have physical communication with an incarnating legate of the Great School, though who this person is may well be hidden to all those involved in the day-to-day operation of the preparatory school. It is particularly auspicious for the members of any school when they are interacting with a physically incarnating Initiate. When appropriate, communication between an Initiate of the Great School and those legitimately involved within a sponsored school or path, teacher or student, will occur through the higher cognitive and affective centers functioning through the human brain.

Direct contact between the Great School and an individual student is initiated by the Great School and only occurs after the student is properly prepared by active and serious involvement and participation in one or more of the exoteric or worldly schools currently extant. Direct contact is not physical, but only occurs through those centers of the human brain called ‘psychic’ by the commonality of humanity.

Question 7: Are the inner Teachings of today’s Great School the same ancient Teachings as those promulgated thousands of years ago?


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