Dynastic Egypt Mystery Schools-2.3

In the mathematics initially developed by Cantor in the 19th century, we find that numbers exist within a hierarchy beginning with discrete units, the first infinite set of all rational numbers (aleph zero) and a higher infinite set of all real numbers (aleph one). Here we see the first objective presentation of the concepts of stacked infinities taught by the most advanced mystery schools. Ideas which were not understood by thinkers in the classical and scholastic periods following ancient Egypt, beginning with Aristotle. Such persons continued to argue about the possibility of the existence of actual versus potential infinities.

Interestingly enough, both modern transfinite set theory and the ancient mystical concepts comprising the kabbalah stipulate that movement from a lower infinity to a higher infinity (less full to more full) is only possible through an avenue created by the higher infinity. In other words, the higher must provide a ladder onto the lower so that one can traverse the path. Esoterically, we would say, that movement among the worlds comprising the inner dimensions of a man, can only occur when the traveler has learned how to adjust the resonance of his lower infinity to that of the higher. When this occurs, the lower infinity seems to enter into the higher and it feels as if our soul has moved higher. In actuality, the infinities are stationary since the elements of each lower infinity is always contained within the elements of the higher. These infinities only appear separate as the result of our limited sight and understanding.

Question # 9 follows tomorrow.

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