Dynastic Egypt Mystery Schools-2.5

Question 10: How are mystery schools organized and how do they transmit sacred knowledge?

Answer 10: In order for a school to be classified as an ongoing, legitimate mystery school, it is essential that the school be in recurring contact with an Initiate of the Great School (either directly or indirectly). Such contact is necessary to correct errors and misunderstandings occurring in the teaching of the original school secondary to the human tendency to automatically add idiosyncratic information to the pure Teachings or drop portions of the teaching which are no longer understood (causing potential embarrassment to the teacher’s ego and self-esteem). Moreover, as the result of having studied esoterica for many lifetimes and in many different earthly schools, incarnating Initiates have learned the secrets of how to crystallize the essence of the Teachings within the inner structure of their beings. Consequently, they differ from uncrystallized students and earthly teachers in that they are not learning new information so much as reactivating prior knowledge stored as personal memories within the inner worlds (when provided the opportunity to regain the necessary mundane skills of language and incarnate experience). It is interesting speaking with an Initiate. For example, sometimes one will ask an Initiate a particular question and the Initiate will provide a reasonable and useful answer, even though, if asked, he or she has no memory of having contemplated the subject matter at hand. An Initiate will often relate that the answer arose automatically from within his or her unconscious mind, bearing a ‘clear feeling of truthfulness’).

The expression of an idea or concept bearing a ‘clear feeling of truthfulness’, refers to an additional capacity of the brain of an animal (arising through biological evolution) which integrates and evaluates data from the five physical senses so to form a plan of action useful for survival. This ability of the unconscious brain to react so to maintain survival in a complicated environment can be seen in the abilities of many higher animals to sense and react so to escape an upcoming earthquake. This phenomenon has been reported many times where farmers and hunters have noted that farm and wild animals become restless and anxious without apparent reason some hours prior to an earthquake.
In human beings, this associative capacity has increased to such an extent that it functions automatically within our day-to-day cultural affairs, providing instant information concerning the integrity and trustfulness of other persons. We have all had the experience of meeting persons we felt comfortable with or not comfortable with, within moments of interacting with them. Often, we may not like the person we just met without having a clear conscious reason for this feeling. More often than not, these feelings are born out through further interactions and observations of the conscious faculties. These feelings are typically called intuition or the ‘sixth sense.’ These feelings arise because our unconscious mind has learned to associate the many physical factors comprising the ‘presence’ of another person, such as facial expression, posture, muscle tone, tonal qualities of the voice and respect for our territorial space, with prior experiences having to do with threats or enhancement of personal security and selfness. The usefulness and power of the intuition grows as our experiential database grows from our many contacts with other persons. Unfortunately, our societal training does not encourage us to develop this quality, diminishing our abilities to protect ourselves and grow consciously. On the other hand, mystical training is designed to enhance intuitive ability and introduce the conscious awareness to its continuous operation and its recommendations for action. Through many years of practice, the conscious and unconscious minds become as one, allowing for the beginnings of conscious evolution.

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