Dynastic Egypt Mystery Schools-2.8

Following lengthy discussions, the members studying within the pharaoh’s chambers (who called themselves the Great Brotherhood) determined that the most efficacious method to protect and transmit the Sacred Teachings would be to disperse the Teachings into the world through students coming into Egypt for instruction within its mystery schools. The Initiates chose the policy of training, testing and preparing foreign students as envoys and guardians of the Teachings, rather than sending forth Egyptian Masters, so to more effectively hide the original source of the Teachings (avoiding political repression and misuse during times of war and religious upheaval) without endangering the continuing influence of the earthly Great Brotherhood. Through employing well-trained and highly worthy students from other cultures, the Initiates developed a suitable method so to incorporate the Teachings within the belief systems and religious practices of many cultures via inoculation. Consequently, by sending forth endogenous teachers to the world, the Teachings were effectively hidden throughout the many religions and cultures of the world.

The Teachings were preserved by these students and their students so to be available to reincarnating Initiates for reconstruction and advancement. The name of this doctrine is AMRA.

The success of this program is well-documented by the fact that the mystery schools still exist and function within many cultures of the modern world.

For those of you who are interested in finding evidence of the transmission of the Teachings from Egypt to the world, I will share a little secret. Although no one knows for sure why this is so (though I have an opinion which for the moment I will refrain from discussing), the mystery school Teachings spontaneously appear and operate in the world sphere in repeating cycles of 108 years of outwardly and inwardly directed activity . During a cycle of outer activity, the existence of the mystery school is made known to the world and new students are sought and trained. During a period of inner activity, the school seems to disappear from the eyes and ears of the world and the Teachings are propagated solely within familial groups.

Some of the clearest examples of this cycle are seen by studying the histories of the Rosicrucian Order and some of the major Kabbalist Schools. For example, a secret Kabbalist society was formed around 1621 to 1623 (same time as the Rosicrucian Renaissance occurring in Germany) by students of the primary disciple, Rabbi Chaim Vital, of the enlightened teacher Rabbi Isaac Luria. This group called itself the Society of Nistarim (the hidden ones). This group was to conduct its esoteric and exoteric work secretly until such time that it came under the leadership of its last master, an enlightened teacher somewhere about 1730. Around 1734, this teacher arose in the person of the Baal Shem Tov (about 110 years after the school was founded).

The period of outer activity arising with the Baal Shem Tov resulted in the rebirth of the Kabbalist movement of the Hasidim. For those of you interested, I would recommend a book by Aryeh Kaplan titled, Meditation and Kabbalah, available through WeiserBooks.

Question 12: How do we know that the esoteric mystery schools began in Egypt?

Answer 12: In order to determine the answer to this particular question, we need to turn to the archeological records of the lands and peoples responsible for creating the first great civilizations of historical record, such as those of Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. As always, whenever we utilize the term, archeological, we are referring to objective data recovered from scientific explorations of physical evidence left by our predecessors. Objective evidence gathered from manual explorations of old towns and cities, deciphering of written documents and listening to oral mythologies and oral histories passed down through the centuries from one bard to another. Evidence which must be analyzed, evaluated and interpreted within the cultural context of the society being studied. Moreover, all resulting reconstructions and interpretations must be checked for reasonableness and internal consistency with previously established historical events. Discrepancies between new and old interpretations must be resolved. New and creative reinterpretations of the past remain speculative, until supported by the weight of archeological evidence. Speculative interpretations should not be taken as proven truths, until so proven (unfortunately, a most common problem).

As we will discuss in a future broadcast, utilization of active imagination and exploratory intuition are wonderful tools to bring into an archeological investigation. Sometimes, our intuitions about history are at odds with academic theories and explanations. This is fortunate since the real source pool guiding the acquisition of all new knowledge is the intuitive feeling that ‘something is not right’ about current explanations. Sometimes, people confuse intuition with wishful thinking and historical bias, insisting the recurring stories of the rise and fall of mysterious and very advanced ancient civilizations are actualities rather than unsupported speculations and fantasies (Atlantis and Lemuria).

Fortunately, sufficient objective data exists for us to answer the question at hand.

Based upon studies of the religious development occurring within the major centers of civilization of the ancient world–Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley, the only area demonstrating an appropriate early religious thinking is Egypt.

Egyptian cosmology, cosmogony and theosophy differs greatly from that of its sister civilizations founded by the Sumerians and the inhabitants of the Indus Valley (though we are at a disadvantage here since we cannot decipher their writing).

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