Esoteric Questions to Ponder And Answer-9

OBSERVATION:  A study of comparative religion demonstrates a vast number of indigenous religious systems, both theology and rituals, having arisen approximately 50,000 years ago. The earliest religious systems being suggested by extremely ancient rock and cave paintings, as well as figurines, in the peri-Mediterranean land masses, Australia, South and North America, and elsewhere.   Each new religion serving a psychosocial need of its adherents.

Eventually, over time, each new religion is transformed, adapted, or lost

So are the questions to ponder this today, my sleuth friends,

Questions:  How do religion arise?  

Are religious systems devised by living human beings and established in our conjoint mind, as belief systems? Or, do religions arise only after a prophet has appeared and claimed to be revealing a new religion and new Deity to a social group?  

Do humans possess any objective standards so to evaluate the rationality and psychological usefulness of a religion? Or, to compare religions?

What are the common human existential needs so to favor the establishment of a religion.

Do you think or feel that the evolutionary history of religion suggests that the Godhead, or Demiurgus, is leading mankind towards a fuller and more loving religion.  If so, what is your evidence?

These are tough questions, Tyros.  Answer, but please do not allow egoism and group identity to sway you.

So sayeth Michael

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