A Joyous Easter To One And All


Many different types of eggs have been mentioned in esoteric literature–the Cosmic Egg, the Goose Who Laid Golden Eggs, and so.  The Easter Bunny fable is really about the beginnings of every creature.  So I offer this poem, not to the male powers, but to the wondrous female powers.  The Divine is a Tetrad and not a Trinity.


You, sweet love of my life,
shall dress yourself up, this year,
as a purple, furry, Miss Easter Bunny.

Boiled eggs, you shall dye in hues bright,
and upon each egg you shall paint
gay figures from ancient fairy tales.

The children with sparkling eyes,
shall search far and wide,
under bushes and stones
for Miss Bunny’s magical eggs.

And when the sun closes his eyes for the night,
and the children are tucked warmly into their beds,
my Easter Bunny will come to me naked,
and give to me the very best Easter Egg of All,
a Special Egg for making our first baby.

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