Poems of the Gallant Heart-1


Love is a wondrous, bubbly river flowing, but, in one direction, as clear water over a dam.

Love is a packet of holy sunbeams acting upon the soul of the receiver, so to keep it warm and protected.

Love accepted must be utilized or discarded, it cannot be stored as gems in a treasure chest.

Love cannot be absorbed and returned to another–it is not a currency of the realm.

Love cannot be traded or bartered, it is not a camel or a gay carpet.

Rather, the loved one, if she chooses, may pray fully, for her heart to become as burning fire, fed by unconditioned Love streaming from the Holy Sun of the Divine.

Love radiating from two-now-connected hearts births into existence a true Miracle, a Divine Miracle, a Miracle manifesting a heart space for God to intervene in the pains of all of mankind.

Love is the only Miracle!

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