Whispers of the Desert Wind

For the record, I disagree, as to humanism being able to assure a just society.  All of us are too soaked in egoism and greed to be impartial, fair, and merciful.  Rather, most people can access, if they so choose, something called True Conscience which is a nonphysical energy comprised of Compassion and Wisdom.  I have spoken of this as the “Noble Organ” and it is to this mankind needs to attend so to create a proper social environment.  R+C would call the Noble Organ, I think, “God of my heart and God of my realization.”

If we, fraters and sorors, spent more time in our hearts, contacting the Noble Organ,  we would find that we can dispense with cognitive strife.  Sadly, our mundane natures are fueled by egoism and so we choose strife most every time.



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