Eulogy For A Friend

People tend to forget that EVERY moment of life is PRECIOUS, regardless of the hedonic tone or personal preference.  Moments are precious, as gifts of the heart and the mind are contained within the complexity of the event.

I wrote the poem below to honor a very good Dutch friend of mine who transitioned secondary to a Ewing’s Sarcoma which he likely carried from childhood. Rob was a good friend and had a nice word for most everyone.

I spent many weeks in Holland during the course of his treatment and even began looking into new ways to eradicate cancers cells.  I am quite sure, I succeeded.

So in this moment of real lose, his last days were the stimulus to find better treatments for sarcomas and how to prevent recurrence.  Rob knew about this research and he understood that because of his illness, I redirected my research efforts so others may not suffer as he did.

The take home lesson?  Find something great in every moment and look from one to the many.  I miss my friend, but for me is he still thinking up jokes for us to play on our other friends.

Friday, 17 August, 2012


Sail thee well, dear and wondrous friend,
for today, with saddened hearts and most caring souls,
we lay your body, most royally in your dragon ship,
to rest in peace upon your great cloak of wool,
steel sword in hand and heraldry shield upon your breast.

A zephyr, strong and fair, is rippling the skin of the Waddenzee,
water crests breaking into droplets,
suspended for a time in airy embrace,
wind blowing northward towards the Cloud-hidden Isles
of Arthur’s Avalon and the Great Norse Tree,
resting place for all mighty heroes, now and of old.

We have set your sail so to fill with wind,
and tied your rudder so to sail Northward true,
and placed upon your vessel’s dragon-headed prow,
a great lantern, with flame burning brightly
upon a wick fueled with the oil of love,
to light the seaways and banish devils all.

Today, you sail from one set of friends to join again with others,
give them our best wishes and greetings,
for all are remembered still.

Sweet friend, free at last of earthly bounds and burdens,
we shall miss your happy smile and cheery words,
our tears of sadness will flow for quite some time,
but, please remind us in such moments,
that one day we all shall be together, once again.

As for myself, dear friend, our friendship remains alive,
for in my dreams, beyond these worldly atoms and geography,
we still shall speak and share a good joke or two.

Watch over all of us, dear friend, until we meet once again.

Sail thee well, dear and wondrous friend.


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