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The Vrishni Upanishad-19

Commentary:  Same discourse, new name.  Vrishni is the Sanskrit term for the heretical, which jives (pun ‘jivas’) with the Institute very well.  For a true Seeker never buys fully into any philosophical view (including those of the Institute) , understanding that one must always remain open in new direct insight and scripture if the goal is the Unborn.

15th Teaching – The Great Deflation and Inflation

Commentary: Over the millennia, many Sages and Seers have speculated upon how a Universe moves from Being to Becoming. Today, we offer the viewpoint of our School based upon deep introspection by Initiates since time immemorial. It jives with modern physics rather well, but is much more expansive.

Lady Radha: Dear Husband, whom I love more than I love myself, please tell our children and the Gopika the story of how we made our Universe as Brahman, the Unfathomable, Imperishable, Endlessness Source.

Lord Krishna: It shall be as you wish, most Precious One.

The Rishis and Sages having the clearest vision,
those who traveled the deepest within,
were guided to a hidden root of the World Tree.

Burnt into the surface of this root
were inscribed the following Sutra:

Before your time was Time,
before your space was Space,
another time and space there was.

The Universe which was before
expanded into its empty space
and so cooled under natural law.

Over an unmeasurable time span,
the Universe cooled and cooled,
until one day, as a matter of Law,
a fragment of the Geometria of Space
experienced the state of null temperature.

At that long-foreseen moment,
a local phase change originated,
opening up unseen dimensions,
allowing the horizons of a myriad of dark holes,
each connected to the others
by space unavailable to Creation,
to instantaneously expand so to
encompass all of that Universe.

Then, in no more than a Brahman Moment (10-44 seconds),
the spatial extent of the old Universe
collapsed into a single Brahman Point,
of 12+ collapsed and obverse spatial dimensions.

What had been was erased and was no more.
All that had been actualized, made again into possibilities,
the Rishis call this the Inbreath of Brahman.

The last moment of an old Universe
is the first moment of the new Universe,
for there is no Time when Time is not present,
no Time when a Brahman Point is not present.

With the deflation of the old
came the inflation of the new.
Where the Brahman Point, like a lotus flower,
unfolded into eight obverse space petals,
surrounding a still closed foursome.

In one Brahman Moment, the size of space was reset,
posing as a three dimensional net fully expanded,
the fourth open, but unseen.

In the initial moments of early life,
superheated food from the prior
radiated into the new,
as new space became available.

All in the form of Light alone,
for Light is the Word of Brahman,
best imagined in its Male Gender aspect,
ever-ready to inseminate itself in its Female Aspect,
as Mother Space Herself.

With the entrance of Light Holy
came the Laws of temporal actualization of the Possibilities
conceived by Brahman during the Brahman Moment.

With the entrance of Light Holy
came insemination of Mother‘s Womb,
this 12 dimensional geometrical net
possessing Brahman Polyhedrons
stacked in space, of Brahman length,
containing all possible vibratory modes
for appearance of the three worlds.

All is massless light when in motion,
but, takes on momenergy when measured at rest.

The coming of the New is called Outbreath of Brahman,
being the Preparatory Emanations into reopened Space.

The Scripture burnt onto the roots of the World Tree state,
First to be emanated was the Light of the Holy Word
the continuous outpouring of Brahman,
as the Six Holy Qualia.

Second to be emanated was Cosmic Law,
the Voice of Brahman ordering all three worlds,
establishing Rita, Dharma, and Maat.

Third to be emanated were the Establishment Energies,
coming in the order of conscious (upper),
Animate (middle), Inanimate (lower).

When all preliminaries were completed,
Brahman, once again, willed into existence,
Its Ever-loving, Ever-giving, Cosmic Self,
as Purusha-Prakriti, Krishna-Radha, Buddha-Consort.
A Tangible Form for creatures to love and feel loved by,
so to help on the Path of Reintegration.

In this Form, Krishna-Radha
entered into Divine Intercourse,
willing into being the uncountable soul-seeds.

A Godhead concentrating and radiating into Creation
the Six Holy Qualia, so to provide a return path.

After all was completed,
the Universe began its journey from a beginning to an end,

Way of the Gallant Heart

Lover’s Garden

The other day, I stopped to rest,
upon the hillside dune above our nest,
seeking shade, ‘neath the stately palm.

I sat, waiting for you, my honeyed date,
my love, my friend, my darling mate,
to emerge with beating, silken-gossamer wings.

Morning still, air fresh and crisp,
sharp contrast to evening’s will-o’-the-wisp,
my Love, she comes to tend her blooms.

Such a garden, my love has made,
fountains with laughing bubbles well-laid,
singing songs of peace for all the world.

If my Love, can make an earthly paradise,
air filled with myrrh, frankincense, and spice,
just from human heart and hand.

My mind and heart reel out of control,
to imagine the grand depth
of Divinity’s Love and Mercy,
even for this sinful, pitiful man.

House of Eternity–A New Upanishad-17

13th Teaching (II) – Doctrine Of Samskara

[setting] Father continues his discussion of Samskara and Karma

Father: Our school, my beloved daughter, teaches thus.

Each human is born to a soul-seed having
an invisible conduit connecting such seed
to that which is Eternal, Unfathomable, Imperishable.

God forms uncountable soul-seeds,
but few choose to grow them
in the earthly time allotted,
so forfeiting Immortality.

Most soul-seeds passing from
one corporeal experience to another,
untouched, untarnished by the deeds
of its possessor in corporeal life.

Much of our lives spent mechanical,
but each human creature is granted choice.

She may choose to grow
her individuality by wholesomeness,
so to find liberation and immortality, or
choose to diminish her individuality
by unwholesomeness,
so to whither away the oneiroin,
the kesdjan body, after the death.

The immediate dissolution of an oneiroin is reserved
for the most evil and selfish creatures.
For dissolution is God’s way,
to prevent the accumulation of greater and greater evil.

Those who chose to relish in the lesser desires,
and have caused no great harm to others,
are attracted to a heaven pleasing to themselves,
such heaven formed by the quality of ones core love.

Heaven is not forever and
each oneiroin eventually fades away,
leaving an empty soul-seed for another being,
free of all prior karmic dispositions.

We teach that karma is dispositional alone,
there is no grand law of retribution,
each chooses how his or her life shall be,
one moment at a time.

Do not the Sutras teach,
that karma is insentient, unintelligent, and short-lived?
Hence, incapable of bestowing the fruits of ones action
at a future time according to ones dessert?

Do not the Sutras teach,
that the Great, Birthless Lord is the
eater of food and the giver of our fruit?

But, such fruit comes not until the seeker
first tastes the presence of Brahman within,
those we call Stream-Enterers.

The lessons sent by the Lord are reserved
for those we call, stream-enterers,
those who have almost made a perfected self.

To these the Lord sends tribulations and challenges
so to overcome and grow ones soul,
we call this Grace.

When a man or woman enters into the Stream,
he or she joins with the soul-seed,
and can call himself or herself “I.”

The soul-seed is like a woman’s egg,
for when the time is decided,
the egg chooses just one sperm,
and allows such sperm to join it as one.

This is called the First Holy Marriage, Radha,
This is the doctrine of Grace.
For no one can find God alone,
but God will find us when God so chooses.

The Oneiroin is now one with its Eternal Spouse,
gaining God’s Gift of immortality, continuity, actuality.
No longer a seemingly separate soul-seed,
for the finger on the hand has been recognized
and all souls are One, Brahman.

Do not the Sutras teach,
Two birds, fast-bound companions.
Clasp close the self-same tree.
Of these two, the one eats sweet fruit;
The other looks on without eating.

On the self-same tree a person, sunken,
Grieves for his impotence, deluded ;
When he sees the other, his Spouse, contented,
And his greatness, he becomes freed from sorrow.

When a seer sees the brilliant
Maker, Lord, Person, the Brahma-source,
Then, being a knower, shaking off good and evil,

Stainless, he attains supreme identity (samya) with Him.

So, sweet darling of your Father’s Heart,
the materialist schools are partially correct,
the afterlife schools partially correct,
the eternalist schools partially correct,
so we do not argue too firmly against them.

Our School, sweet Radha, belies reward or punishment,
afterlife, as is material life, is temporary
and fashioned out of an individual’s core loves.

No soul-seed is tarnished by life’s pleasures or pains,
but, travels from incarnation to another
awaiting an oneiroin ready to enter the Stream.

For then, the soul-seed is recognized,
as what it truly is, One Finger of the One Self,
Brahman, the Imperishable.

Radha, each Universe begins afresh,
without taint of evil or imperfection.

Radha: Laying her head on Father’s shoulder, she replied, “My confusion is gone, dearest Father. I love you so very much. I hope brother and I can be with you and Mother forever.

House of Eternity–A New Upanishad-16

Remember, Love is the Whole of the Law, Love under Wisdom.

13th Teaching (I) – Doctrine Of Samskara

Radha: It is with all my love that I ask you this question, Father. Sages have told me so many things about karma. One says this and the other says that. I am confused Father. Please tell me what you teach as to karma so I shall no longer possess such ignorance.

Father: Dear Child, I shall answer for my love for you extends even onto the Deva Heavens.

Karma is a temporal law linking cause and effect.
For our actions, intentional and mechanical, of today
shall bear fruits tomorrow, or even later.
From our actions comes the fruit of our actions,
wholesome actions lead to wholesome future states,
unwholesome actions lead to unwholesome future states.

Is it not true, my dear?
A fire fed more fuel burns the brighter?

An ignorant one chasing after wealth, fame, sex, or power
attracts to himself those of like mind and character.
So it is with the desire of concupiscence,
one act incites further lusts,
leading to ill health and poverty.

So it is with greedy desires,
one acquisition mounting upon another,
until only gold is real.
So it is with desire to be king,
once king one finds no peace.

Indulgence in egoistic and worldly desires, repeatedly,
strengthens such desires so to become habitual,
giving great power to undesirable demons within.

Consciously applying super-efforts in the Work,
doing what is wholesome and altruistic,
strengthens such desires so to become habitual,
bringing radiance and love into the soul-seed.

A superior one ignores the worldly desires
binding one to this world and leading to death.
Rather, he seeks liberation and union with God.

Such truth is not disputed amongst the Sages or Seers.

So daughter, remember thus,
Man consists only of desires,
as his desires are, so is his disposition,
as his dispositions are, so are his deeds,
whatever his deeds are, so to that he attains.

A man’s dispositions predict what a man shall do,
given a particular set of events in space and time.
His dispositions are the mark of who he now is,
as such dispositions are engraved
on his oneiroin, or psychic body,
such is called one’s dispositional hue,
incarnate or discarnate.

Such truth is not disputed amongst the Sages or Seers.

The disputes among Sages are to be found below.

The Vedas call such dispositions, samskara,
and such exist even after death.
Moreover, the state of the oneiroin,
be it wholesome and radiant or
unwholesome and dark,
determines what realm a man be drawn towards,
a Hell region, a Heavenly region, or rebirth.

Some schools contend that every living creature
is trapped in an endless series of life experiences.
As long as one maintains desires for life’s pleasures,
he or she shall be reborn, again and again.
as Deva, Asura, man, animal, insect, and so on,
depending upon his or her dispositions.

Some schools contend, but one corporeal life,
for after physical death,
the wholesome oneiroin is attracted to Heaven
and the unwholesome on to Hell.
Such Heavens and Hells being eternal.

Some schools contend that only human creatures
are trapped in an endless series of lives.
They are reborn immediately after corporeal life,
such new life conditioned by their dispositions,
so to remove disposition unwholesome
and grow dispositions wholesome.

Some schools contend that the dispositions
of each and every soul-seed
will carry-over when this universe
deflates and re-inflates into a new one,
as if the dispositions imprinted are eternal.

Some schools believe that karma is a law,
a law of universal retribution,
such that the sins or kindnesses
committed upon another
are repaid to you in currency kind.


House of Eternity–A New Upanishad-15

12th Teaching – Death Speaks With Naciketas

Krishna: Father teach me the knowledge of how to avoid Death.

Father: So mote it be. I will tell you the story of the conversation between Lord Death and Naciketas.

Death: In a warrior’s quiver lay arrows sharp,
one arrow leads to Brahman, the others to death.

One arrow is named ‘Appropriate,’
the second the ‘Pleasant.’

Not coequal are arrows these, 
for the arrows of desire pleasant are numerous,
whist, the arrow Appropriate is but one.
All compete so to bind a person.

Of the two, wise is it for him who takes the Appropriate.
Foolish, indeed, is he who chooses the Pleasant.

In every passing moment of time, 
the arrows sing to the archer calling his attention.
Both the Appropriate and the Pleasant call to a man.

Amidst, the many voices, a man can choose only one.
The wise man chooses the Appropriate, 
the stupid man, from delusion chooses the Pleasant.

Thou indeed, upon the pleasantly desires appearing,
meditating, hast let them go, my darling..
Thou art not one whose arrow hit the mark of wealth,
which sinks many a man down
and leads to annihilation or rebirth at best.

Widely opposite and asunder are these two, 
ignorance and what is known as knowledge, 
ignorance leads only to death, knowledge to Immortality.

Those abiding in the midst of ignorance,
self-wise, smug and thinking themselves learned,
running hither and thither, aimless and deluded,
as blind men led by one who is himself blind.

The passing from life onto death is hidden from the deluded,
heedless, ignorant with desires for wealth, sex, power, or fame.
Thinking this is the world; there is no other!
Again and again such men die as if they had never been.

So choose Liberation, my dear, and we shall be friends.

Krishna: Is it really so? Does Death speak truly?

Father: Death should be called ‘best friend’ and ‘advisor.’ For those who meet him whilst alive are not taken by him when they die to mortal life. For Eternity is the right eye of the Cosmic Man and Death is the left eye, the Sun and the Moon, permanence and rebirth.

House of Eternity–A New Upanishad–14

Commentary:  Many people wonder where is the Divine when they need Him/Her?  The problem is not the absence of the God of Your Heart when you are suffering, but ignorance in seeing Him/Her.  The knowledge needed to become enlightened, liberated, or a Rose-Croix is not very much, but the little you can learn must be pretty much.  We can only see what we know, true or false.  If you want to have the Divine Love in your life, you need to start loving something which is not-Ego ASAP. For when Love becomes the center of your Ego’s attention, it will see real love when it shows up.

As I said, you do to need to know everything, just a little of what is most important, Love. And Love hurts some times and so use it for your spiritual growth.

11th Teaching – How To Realize God?

Radha: Father, tell me how I can know that a God radiating love exists?

Father: Precious fruit of your beloved Mother’s Womb, what means for something to ‘exist’ for you?

Radha: Dearest Father, to exist means that I can join my heart and mind so to understand what I am desirous of knowing directly.

Father: Sweet child of my heart and loins, I shall teach thee. The Lesson is named God’s Child.

Sipping, strong black tea,
sweetened with honey’s gift,
I gazed onto the street.

Beyond the fountain spray,
sparkling gems of rainbow hue,
came a small child,
her wee hands held firm,
father and mother at her side,
a difficult birth, cerebral palsy.

Halting for a rest,
father lifted his darling blonde,
onto the worn and wooden bench,
sitting close,
his arm he placed around her side,
to keep her safe and balanced straight.

Who would dare to claim
that human love in not innate?
A blasphemer, an infidel,
an unholy one.

And her mother sat close, aglow with love.

The tears of Angels never lie,
when shall, come we, to see,
that each of us are,
as this little girl,
incomplete and lost
without each others care?

My dear, every moment of my day and night,
I suffer for someone.
God suffers for everyone.
Our One Hope is Love Unconditional.

Radha: I understand Holy Father. The faces of You and Mother are everywhere, for love is everywhere. We just need learn to be present and awake.

Father: Sweetheart, you are young of age in this body, but wise beyond your years in your Heart. Tell your Mother what you learned today and how you will find Our Love Everywhere.

House of Eternity — A New Upanishad-13

Tenth Teaching – The Wise Fisherman

Radha: Father, please tell my the story of the Wise Fisherman of a time far ahead. I love this story.

Father: Gladly, little One.

Once, some time far ahead, on a planet yet to be, an old priest of Karnak, decided to take up fishing. So to prepare himself, he asked a young temple scribe to bring him sufficient twine so to weave a strong net. Day after day, the scribes and temple priests watched the old Hierophant transform the common twine into a very tightly woven matrix of knots and small squares. As he worked, he skillfully attached shiny pieces of well-polished bronze and colored strips of cloth to his growing net. As he continued to weave his watery tapestry, his dextrous movements made the bronze sparkle and reflect the ever-bright rays of Ra onto the temple pillars, seemingly bringing the multicolored hieroglyphs to life.

The old priest hummed softly to himself as he stitched his net. He was happy. He told the others that he was making a special net to catch a very crafty fish that no one had ever heard of before. The old priest told the young priests that he had a wonderful dream about such a fish and the fish told the priest to come find him. That this fish swum in the murky brown waters of the Nile, hidden from the eyes of normal men and women, was no surprise to the old priest. For common people see only what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear. But, a man or woman with an open mind, clarity of vision, and a sinless heart, would find such a fish.

After the net was complete, the old priest hired a boat to take him out every morning so he could cast his net into the living Nile and slowly pull it back into the boat so to inspect his catch. He found Nile perch and other common fish. Being a wise old man, he threw back many of the larger fish and kept only a few middle sized ones for the temple kitchen. He knew that if people kept only the largest, the remaining fish would grow smaller and smaller over time.

Every evening, the other priests asked him about his day and about the fish. No, he had not found it yet, but, all was fine. For rare and precious gifts do not come freely or often. The old priest was happy.

The old priest fished every day for many years, bringing back interesting fish and items he had retrieved from the flowing river. He never lost hope or complained about his fishing. He kept his net in perfect condition and even made some new ones for some of the younger priests who liked to float on the Nile, away from the noisy city, and fish.

One night, the old man dreamt again of this wondrous fish. He had just emptied his net of its prize fish, throwing them all back with a prayer and blessing, when standing upon the surface of the river, the old priest saw his great fish. The great fish said to the old priest, “Old man, you have fished for me for so many years, and have yet to find my watery home.”

The old man just smiled, “Yes, Lord Fish, I have risen with the Sun God and came home with the Moon God and fished for you many a day. Perhaps, my net never encircled you, but, I have learned so much about this river. It inhabitants, its currents, its reeds, I know its sweet voice. For me the river sings the sweetest of melodies.”

Lord Fish replied, “I have watched over you, old man, each and every day you fished. I have seen your kind ways and respect for all of this grand creation. Is there a gift I might give to you?”

The old priest looking pensively at Lord Fish, replied, “Lord Fish, you are a sly one indeed. But, I think I did catch you finally.”

Lord Fish chuckled, “So you found me, did you old man? Tell me how this can be so?”

“Well, Lord Fish, over the years I came to know your name, and knowing your name means knowing who you are. You are the spirit of this great Nile, you flow day and night, you feed the people and give them water, your floods bring the black soil for food. All my life, I searched for wisdom and understanding. But, what I found was nothing compared to what this net has brought me, Lord Fish.”

“Now, now, old man. Tell me, how, twine strung into a tapestry made only of square holes, brought you what you sought?”

“Lord Fish, we all are born and educated to believe that what is most valuable is what is rare and hard to attain. But, my net taught me that such worldly wisdom is not worth so very much. The real treasure lives in that which is too powerful for the net to capture and retain. Wisdom and understanding are the water which brings life to all creatures living within it.”

“Old man, are you satisfied, at long last?”

“Yes, Lord Fish, I am.”

“Then old man, come swim with me in the ever-living waters, waters murky only to those who fail to see what is true and always present.”

And with that, the old man left the temple and was seen no more–though some of the young temple fisherman could hear him singing in the flow of the great river.