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Type II Reality

Today, we continue our discussion of the several types of mental realities (or realizations) found in human beings.  Yesterday, we dealt with pseudo-physical or type I reality. i.e., the virtual ‘physical’ world experienced by each of us.  This virtual world is created by the central nervous system via sensory data processing so to generate a virtual copy of the external physical which is accurately overlaid onto the proper physical object.  Such outward projection being a suitable explanation to explain the competence of our motor skills.

Moreover, similar phylogenetic, pseudo-physical worlds are reconstructed by members of each species; though, they differ between species in one way or another.

Type II or personal realities differ significantly from type I realites. Personal realities are formulated individually from information gained primarily from socialization during the process of postnatal ontogeny or development.  The building blocks supporting personal reality are: our likes and dislikes, what is and is not pleasant, our mores, our religious beliefs, our traumatic experiences, our hopes and aspirations, our temperaments, our characters, our habits, our personal myths, and almost anything nonphysical you can imagine.  Personal reality is the home of our psychological ego state complexes.

The pseudo-physical reality is quite straightforward and exists for survival of the physical individual and his or her eventual procreation.  Personal reality is exceeding complex and variable between persons and is the source of group identity, prejudice, violence and the demonic and the angelic.

Clearly, each one of us is not responsible for type I reality–it is provided by natural evolution.  However, each is responsible (as well argued by the existentialist philosophers) for the actions arising from his or her physical vehicle in response to the motivators and drivers residing within type II reality.  Such personal responsibility being absolute for each of us, regardless of any prior events (presuming normal brain function remains).

Tomorrow, we will discuss type II dream reality in relation to waking type II reality.




Type I Reality:

Dear Friends,  for the next few posts, I shall address the difference between what is called reality and that which is Actual. By Actual, I am referring to the essential, underlying structure of this universe–as it is, in and of itself.  Such structure encompassing the the totality of existence–both physical and aphysical.

Reality is not the same as Actuality.  Actuality is the Absolute Primary, while, reality is no more than a useful secondary phenomenon generated by an animate, human mind-brain.  Moreover, your personal reality is present when you are actively dreaming and during normal wakefulness.

During wakefulness, sensory data constantly impinges the surface of our bodies, such surfaces being the interface between what is within and what is without.  The eyes, the ears, the tongue, the nose, and the skin are all interface organs.

From this richness of sensory information, the central nervous system filters out all data which is not immediately relevant to the matter at hand; interacts with our several memory systems, and generates a virtual image which is back-projected onto the appropriate physical objects providing the sensory data.  Subsequently, during wakefulness, the sum total of each physical image generated from sensory data is merged so to form a local virtual world image filled with animate and inanimate objects.  There is no ‘theater of mind.’

These mind-brain virtual worlds generated from similar physical surroundings by individuals are amazingly consistent with each other on self-report (barring hallucinations).  Moreover, each responds similarly to specific optical and auditory illusions.  The reliability and predictability of science is the strongest evidence for validating the overlay of a realized physical world upon a primary existing physicality.

Type I Reality is defined by the general mental overlay of the virtual physical with the actual physical during wakefulness. As we shall see tomorrow, it is not exactly accurate to say that our acting-receiving egos are present in the physical, as our bodies are; rather, our egos exist solely in the virtual physical.

Baal Eyt



People spend endless hours trying to describe the ‘state of enlightenment’ and failing to reach common agreement.  In a sense, the situation is similar to trying to describe the taste of a perfectly prepared chocolate souffle served with Creme Anglaise to another.  To succeed, one needs to provide the proper recipe of ingredients and cooking instructions so to allow the other person an opportunity to actually prepare such dessert for his or her own enjoyment.  If all goes well, then the two of you can describe some of the pleasures associated with this dessert and ones personal taste / smell experience.  Enlightenment is reached by injunction and not description.  So find a recipe and try it out.


21 October 2008

A woman’s warm heart is a summer butterfly,
wings painted in so many different hues,
brilliant sky blues,
luscious, Crimean red wines,
radiant yellows lilies,
moonless nights on the Steppes,
harvest orange pumpkins,
early Spring daffodils,
each crafted by careful, angelic brush strokes.

A woman’s warm heart flies from one loved one to another,
as the summer butterfly flies flower to flower
from the ruby-red to the untainted white rose,
tending to the varied needs of husband and child,
giving to each her nectar of deep love,
for comfort, for courage, for growing to be more.

If God gave to me a summer butterfly to keep,
I would warm her with devotion and pure love,
feed and protect and honor her for all my life,
knowing that I am the most blessed among men.

Come my summer butterfly and give your love to me,
for without your love I shall surely wither away.

Baal Eyt

Self-Mastery and Enlightenment

The Institute is an original esoteric and initiatic school offering insight and training necessary for achieving self-mastery and enlightenment. This school is unlike previous ones, as it incorporates what is useful and testable from the Teachings of prior Masters–jettisoning unnecessary speculation and idiosyncratic thinking.  We are strong advocates for scientific methodology in studying the physical world and exploring the inner world.  Soon we shall reopen our membership roles and accept sincere students.  Blessings, Baal Eyt.

RCUI Course: 10/31-11/01/15 Johannes Kelpius Lodge


Title: The Freedom Exercises: Finding peace in an uncertain world.
Mankind exists within a world ripe with uncertainty, misfortune, and failed dreams. Unfairness abounds everywhere. None have found a way to change the world. So what can you do? In this course, you will discover that deep within your psyche exists a “place” of simple joy, simple peace, and well being; a “place” which can be reached and developed via the Freedom Exercises. By keeping ones “center of gravity” within rather than without; uncertainty, misfortune, failed dreams, and the unfairness of the social world does not disappear. What is gained is an inner strength to persevere in hardships and truly share your heart with others.

Title: Scaling Mt. Alitheia: The Changing Face of Rosicrucianism
this course, we explore the limitations placed upon metaphysical theories by hard science. So remember the R+C adage: “Be always a walking question mark. Listen first, think second, and then verify your understanding. Unsupported belief is alien to a true student.”

First Posting

Friends, the Institute of Conscious Evolution and Human Development, in conjunction with Mind, Brain, and Body with the Good Doctor, is finalizing a new web site designed for serious seekers of enlightenment.  The content of the site is organized around exercises developed and tested by the Institute since 2007.  These unique exercises allow devotees to quickly move into the early phases of enlightenment.  We shall keep you posted as progress moves ahead.

Baal Eyt