Conversation with a Rose-Croix (72)

Voyage to Athens and Eleusis (41.6)

April 13, 2017

True to his word, Alliona and Sophie were allowed to dress in looser gowns typical of upperclass matrons of Athens. He advised them that sheer gowns, such as worn by Iris for the procession, are forbidden during the day, “Darlings, I am sure you remember the effect the two of you had upon Timaeus and Critias when they first met you in your ceremonial armor? They were transfixed and forgot about Iris.

“The effect is much greater today, as both of you have immortalized erythrocytes circulating in your blood stream. Subsequently, during our teaching days, the two of you must do nothing to enhance your beauty. I have created a wonderful perfume for you two to use during the day. It is designed to make you appear no prettier than when they saw you in your armor and focus the attention of the males on the lessons and exercises.

“Additionally, I have hidden your pregnancies from the population. So the only persons who will actually perceive you, as pregnant, will be the elementals, Iris, and myself. Iris will not betray our ruse for she is now in love with me and worships the two of you. She will conceive on the next full moon, on December 30, and be joined by blood to the three of us.”

While Gabriel was speaking, Alliona carefully observed Sophie for any untoward negative responses to his instructions and information. Sophie seemed perfectly happy with the proposals, even when Gabriel explicitly mentioned Iris.

In fact, upon mention of the upcoming full-moon, she innocently asked, “Honey, I am glad that Alliona and I will be with you on the night you satisfy all of her desires. I like Iris and our ‘fairy tale’ needs three Sisters and not just two,” turning to Alliona, “am I not right, Sister?”

Alliona responded, “Sounds very nice to me. I remember reading of a Djinn fairy tale about a wonderful magician who married three Sisters during the Great Djinn War. The Magician and the Sisters lived happily together during the pregnancy. None minded that they shared the attention of their Magician, for he was always available to each Sister, as if he had only married one. Moreover, the Sisters found that the more they loved the Magician, the more he loved each of them, and the more they adored each other.

“Toward the final weeks, the Magician was called away so to deal with a civil disturbance. While absent from his castle, three evil Djinn Brothers came and kidnaped the Sisters, each Djinn taking one Sister to his fortress. Though, each Brother lusted mightily after the Sister in his keep, every attempt at rape failed for each Sister was protected by several small dragons with extremely sharp teeth, but no flames.

“Each sister delivered a beautiful daughter during the full-moon on the fifth day of captivity. The deliveries were accomplished by birthing elementals assigned to each. Even though, the Brothers refused to feed each Sister food or drink so to induce them into carnality, the Magician’s kitchen elementals thwarted their plans.

“The Magician had returned two days following the abduction, but was unable to locate their whereabouts for about a week. He was worried, even though he realized that each Wife was protected by three young dragons he had assigned to each. The Sisters had been imprisoned for some nine days before the Magician could locate and rescue each.

“The Magician was not merciful during the raid and ogre and Djinn carcasses rested everywhere. As for the three Brothers, the Magician reformed their stance by giving them severe and progressing ankylosing spondylitis so that they were bent forward at the hips, permanently 70-degrees from the vertical, completely emasculated them, cut out their tongues, and banished them naked to a very dark place for the remainder of their miserable existence.

“At last, the Sisters and Magician were reunited and home. After hugging and kissing each other, the Magician brought each baby to its rightful Mother. When the daughters were produced, the Sisters immediately saw that each daughter appeared identical to her siblings. Perfect triplets. They looked with astonishment at the Magician.”

The Magician laughed, “Darlings, I love and respect each of you equally. I treat each of you equally. The love shared by each of us is pure and honest. So of course, the babies are triplets, identical in all appearances. Would you expect anything less from your Magician Husband?”

Sophie replied, “Alliona, did you just make up the fairy tale? It rather sounds like a possible future for Iris, you, and myself,” turning to Gabriel, “we aren’t going to be kidnaped by evil Djinn, are we?”

Gabriel smiling said, “No, darling. Alliona’s story is from an old Djinn fairy tale book. It is called, the Miracle of the Three Sisters. It is just a teaching tale for Djinn children.”

Two chariots arrived in the courtyard outside the Erechtheion close to noon. The first chariot carried a driver and two magistrates, Timaeus and Critias; the second carried Iris, her High Priest, Triptolemus, and a driver.

Iris and Triptolemus allowed the two magistrates to greet Gabriel first. As the duo was convinced that their three guests were divine, in unison, the magistrates greeted Gabriel, “Hail noble Eugenis, health and prosperity for you and your divine wives.”

“And greetings, I return to both of you, your families, your slaves, and concubines; though, I cannot say I approve of either slaves or concubines. But, I am not here for social reform. I have another agenda,” responded Gabriel.

Needless, the comment did catch the magistrates off guard. Gabriel whispered to Alliona, “We might as well give them some subtle social direction while we are here.”

As the magistrates interacted with Gabriel, the High Priest whispered to Iris, “High Priestess, our Guests are not mortals, I can feel it in my heart. What god and goddess they be, I know not. But, they are Divine.”

Iris replied, “Hierophant, I shall share a sacred secret with you, as I have known you since I first came to Our Temple. You have always honored my secrets and those of your vestal virgins so I can trust you. For the god permits me to tell you that they nay are mortal, they are Immortals. The god is Apollo. The goddesses are Demeter and Kore. But, you must act as if they are no more than messengers from their land. Promise?”

The Hierophant nodded his head affirmatively.

After a short conversation, Gabriel invited the magistrates to sit.

Immediately, Iris and Triptolemus descended the chariot and came to greet the Guests. Iris and the High Priest bowed at the waist for a moment in front of Gabriel, who remained seated at his coffee table. Iris said, “Divine Eugenis, may I present our High Priest, Triptolemus.”

Triptolemus said, “I am most honored to be in the presence of Divine Eugenis and his Divine Wives. I pledge my heart, my mind, and my body in service to your desires. May all the blessings of Demeter and Kore rain down upon you,” his face flushed for a short moment, as the words left his lips before he could stop them, but it did not matter for it was a common greeting in Eleusis.

Gabriel smiling replied, “Greetings dear Triptolemus and my precious Iris. Please come join my precious wives and the magistrates at our table.”

Sophie stood up from her chair. Though, no one knew Sophie was speaking, Iris heard Sophie’s sweet and honey voice within her head, “Come, Iris, you may sit next to my Husband and I will sit next to you. Mother and I know you are in love with our Husband, your virgin pelvis aches for his touch, come, let him feel how wet you are.”

Iris moved to sit next to Gabriel amazed that Demeter and Kore were not jealous as would by typical of Hera or Aphrodite. As she stood in front of her vacant seat, it seemed that Time had stopped and the Hierophant and magistrates were as statutes. Alliona, Sophie, Gabriel, and she were not frozen.

She again heard Sophie’s voice in her head, “Iris, sit in the chair to Eugenis’ right and pull up the front of your gown and take our Husband’s right hand and place it between your legs where your fountain of wetness pours forth its slippery nectar.”

Iris reached down and took Apollo’s right hand and spread her thighs apart so she could place Gabriel’s right palm against her maidenhead. Her labia and pelvis were not marred by hair and she held Apollo’s hand tightly against her clitoral sheath. Apollo’s hand grew warmer and warmer. Soon she experienced an unknown spasm and deep pleasure coursing through her very being. She would have fallen if Sophie had not stabilized her.

As Iris continued to have spastic discharges, Sophie remarked to Alliona, “Sister, what a good omen. Do you not agree? I think Iris will be a good addition so we can fulfill your Djinn fairly tale.”

Gabriel removed his hand, which had not even moved. “After our High Priestess readjusts her gown, I will restart Time and let us see what transpires.”

Time restarted exactly where it had stopped, and Iris seemed unaffected by her first experience of pleasure. She really did not understand what happened or why, but she understood that she had been accepted by Demeter and Kore and was to become a second daughter. One of the magistrates asked Iris a question and she answered as if nothing had occurred between her and Eugenis. Now that her serpent had been awoken, she desired more.


Conversations with a Rose-Croix (71)

For those die-hard vampire lovers, poor deluded soulless ones, I provide some fundamental facts as to the true purpose of sharing blood in the Phenomena, or Astral , World.  At least with the Immortals who watch over our disappointing species.

Voyage to Athens and Eleusis (41.5)

April 11, 2017

After the threesome had arrived at the Erechtheion and the wagons emptied, Gabriel employed some Magick so to manifest a nice dinner for all of the company. Other than Gabriel, Sophie, and Alliona, the remainder of the crew was elementals materialized so to perform all necessary services. Elementals do not mind serving others, as this is their function. Being materialized is a great gift for it allows them an opportunity to experience the human world. They are quite devoted to Gabriel for he is most kind and appreciative.

During dinner Gabriel explained the basic duties for the elementals during our sojourn in Athens. He explained the purpose of our journey and how everyone is a player in our real-life Play. About an hour was spent answering some important questions. At last, Gabriel rose from his seat and made a toast to everyone and the success of the Play. Then, everyone was off to his or her sleeping quarters.

Sophie was so tired from the stress of the day that after returning to their sleeping chamber she lay down upon the bed and fell immediately asleep. Alliona took Gabriel by his two hands, saying, “Darling, I find this Play to be incredibly entertaining and enlightening. However, Sophie is trying very hard to fill her part in the Play, but I think spending all of her time in the phenomenal world is wearing her out. She never told you, but she was very sickly as a child and so gets overly tired when she does too much. Her pregnancy is much more difficult than is my own. I think she is anemic.

“She was afraid to tell you for she knows that you have great expectations of her. She is fearful that she will be unable to continue playing a goddess and will disappoint you. She is still very young, even though her heart is much older, Gabriel. I think, her caring an immortal daughter is too difficult for the human constitution. It is different for me, as I am Djinn.”

Gabriel replied, “Alliona, we have been lovers for thousands of years and our hearts are well integrated. It is good that you remind me of Sophie’s humanness and the human weaknesses. Sometimes, Immortals forget how it was before immortality. I am thinking that you need to give her some Djinn blood which will allow me to reset her hormonal-metabolic system so to have more stamina. Are you game, my precious?”

Alliona, replied in a tender tone, “Of course, Beloved, but may I ingest some of her blood so to mix with my own? For the sharing of blood will complete our bond.”

“The better the bonding, the stronger our mutual love. Your blood will help Sophie understand my amorous plans without taking such personally. Alliona, you are the best mother, I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.”

Alliona beaming, lifted her head and kissed Gabriel upon his lips. Then, the two of them removed Sophie’s gown and laid her comfortably upon her back. Gabriel placed some medicated honey drops into her mouth so to take her into a deep state of relaxation.

Gabriel uttered an Enochian magical phrase. Gabriel raised and held Sophie in a sitting position and Alliona kneeled upon the bed so that her left nipple was level with Sophie’s lips. Taking a sharp dagger, Alliona cut into her areola at the base of the nipple so that it began to produce copious blood. Alliona brought her bleeding nipple to Sophie’s lips and Sophie spontaneously began to suckle and take the blood into her system.
Sophie suckled Alliona for some nine minutes before stopping. Alliona removed her nipple and Gabriel laid Sophie upon her back. Alliona seemed to be in a trance, “Come, husbands, drink from my breast for I want my essence to live in you also.”

Gabriel drunk from Alliona’s breast for a short time, long enough for Alliona to experience a spiritual orgasm. When the convulsions subsided, she bit into Gabriel’s neck to draw his blood.

Alliona took the same dagger and cut into Sophie’s right areola as she had done to her own. She leaned over and began to suckle Sophie’s cut nipple until she had as much blood as she needed so to be blood-bound to Sophie.

When, finished, she said, “Husband, drink from your wife’s breast and give her blood from your neck.”

Soon the ritual was complete and Gabriel healed all wounds. Sleep came upon both.

The next morning Sophie was up with the morning birds. She went to the bedroom window and separated the curtains so the Sun’s rays could stream onto the sleeping Alliona and Gabriel. “Get up, sleepy heads, rise and shine. I want to tell you of my wonderful dream. I am so full of energy and I have no more doubts about my abilities to be the best wife in the world, well, one of the two best wives in the world.”

Alliona, shielding her eyes from the morning sun, said curtly, “Sister, it wasn’t a dream, it was a Magick ritual. I am glad you are feeling stronger for you suckled my bleeding nipple much too hard. Worry not, Sister, our love is many times stronger this morning than it was last night.”

Sophie ran and jumped upon her naked Sister and they both woke Gabriel. Gabriel arose as quickly as he could, picked up his robe and escaped to the courtyard outside. Alliona and Sophie laughed like the fifteen year olds they still were and climbed under the covers together.

Later, after all three had bathed, they met in the court yard for strong coffee with cream. Sophie remarked, “Honey, I did not know the ancients Greeks had coffee?”

Gabriel replied, “They don’t, but I always enjoy my morning coffee and so if Magick is needed, Magick it is. It really is a shame, but I cannot introduce it to our new city, or tea. I will share it with our city visitors though. I will say it is from our home country.”

As the two ladies sat down around the small table in the courtyard, Gabriel explained, “Later, this morning we will take several chariots to the Agora so to decide where we will teach. Iris will arrive for dinner with us at sunset.”

Sophie replied, “That will be pleasant, husband. Iris is clever and has a strong soul.”

Alliona glanced quickly at Gabriel and winked. Gabriel almost choked on a piece of Attic fig. Then, both of them had a good laugh. Sophie sat simply confused.


Esoteric Questions to Ponder-12

Background:  The physical universe first manifested as a small, 10 dimensional, cube of 10 (-33) centimeters per side, the time required to move from the previously deflating prior to the current was 10(-43) seconds, and the amount of energy as mass was 10(-5) grams.  Shortly, the potential volume available for the energy of the universe to occupy, but never attain, was established with the addition of sufficient energy to equal the current energy (dark included if it exists).

During early creation, no quanta were able to form as the temperature was to high and so everything existed in an indeterminate form of energy which is isotropic, homogeneous, and undifferentiated.  The closest analogy would be pure, uniform vibrational heat of the geometry of occupied 10-d space.  

I posit that there are three distinct energies in the universe, material, vital, and conscious.  Each consisting of some form of quanta.  The material world, we all acknowledge as humans, the vital, or astral, worlds we experience in our minds (visions when awake or dreams when asleep), and an upper conscious world.  A Rosicrucian might say, ‘My body is in the physical, my personal self is in the astral, and my intellect is in the upper world.  

Question:  Presuming, we include the three energies in the term ‘Cosmic,’ allowing the Cosmic to manifest in three correspondent forms:  Cosmic Matter, Cosmic Life Force, and Cosmic Mind, and given the following reasonable premises:

In the early universe, no electrons, quarks, neutrinos, or photons existed  and so the universe was without form and so could be said to be in Chaos.

As no form was present, the living Cosmic energy had no vehicle, as no cells existed, and so no physical life was possible until the universe cooled to about 2.7 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero.

As cells were not yet in existence, no nervous system (and the imago operators) were possible.

Subsequently, in the beginning it appears that all three energies were differentiated and only could manifest as the energetic universe expanded into its potential volume and cooled.

which of the following is More Likely accurate:

(1) The Cosmic Mind has grown from an undifferentiated and chaotic state, incapable of awareness and acting, from Planck’s Moment, into a highly intelligent aphysical entity capable of knowing, observing, presence, transcendence, intending, and caring which mankind can access (mankind created the Image of the Cosmic)


The Cosmic Mind has always existed as a highly intelligent aphysical entity capable of knowing, observing, presence, transcendance, intending, and caring (as it does not correspond to anything within our Universe (God made God’s image)?

Support your answer!

Have fun, Michael

Conversation with a Rose-Croix (70)

Voyage to Athens and Eleusis (41.4)

April 8, 2017

True to their words, Sophie and Alliona kept Gabriel up most of the night in Tantric bliss. Moreover, both had insisted that Gabriel not warp time and space so to make love to each separately at the same time. Rather, the girls wanted to always be together when Gabriel made love to them for they wanted feel each other’s love and desire. In other words, they wanted to be two corporally, but one emotionally. And in truth, they were emotionally one being in many ways. Gabriel thought they were making great progress.

Phoebus had risen above the sea and a sleepy Gabriel, Sophie, Alliona, and the ship’s crew began unloading equipment and goods from the boats. It was an arduous morning as it required many trips since they only had the small boat and Gabriel did not want to use any Magick.

Soon everything needed for the group’s stay in Athens was loaded onto four horse-drawn carts and everyone was properly arranged and the group began its trek to Athens so to arrive close to noon. However, their activity had been noted by the harbor master and he sent his servants to inform the city magistrates. Being servants, the news was spread rather widely amongst the populace so that people were waiting outside the gates for the group.

Rumors flashed, as flares from the Sun or volcanic eruptions, as to who is this group? Why are they attended by such a large army cohort? Why was the High Priestess of Demeter seen with the city magistrates and two female military officers? Were they Amazons? Did they really come from the Isle of the Blessed? Whom was the unknown philosopher-king who remained hidden? Was he here to protest the trial of Socrates?

Being that Eugenis’ entrance was no longer a secret, the city magistrates had stationed soldiers along the boulevard from the City Gate to the Erechtheion. Waiting outside the City Gate were the Athenian notables chosen to ride in the chariots so to demonstrate the visitors came in peace and in goodwill.

When the troop arrived at the city gates, they found Iris waiting patiently with her driver in her chariot. She and her vestal virgins had risen with Phoebus so she could be bathed, scented, hair prepared, and dressed in her most transparent linen gown. For our dear Iris was much cleverer than Sophie and Alliona had imagined in the Temple of the First Ones. She was not going to turn down an offer by Apollo to become immortal, permanently youthful, have a child, and be with Demeter and Kore.

Iris descended from her chariot and walked the short distance to Gabriel’s chariot. The sun easily penetrated her gown displaying all her charms to the world. The movements of her arms, torso, and hips were perfectly synchronized and captured everyone’s attention. It almost seemed that she floated toward the Triad.

None could divert their eyes from Iris for her beauty was truly captivating and seemed to radiate from every part of her inner and outer being.

Reaching the Triad’s chariot, she bowed down and said sweetly, “I welcome you to our fair city and wish you ultimate success in your project.”

Gabriel descended from his chariot and went to Iris so to return her to standing, smiling he replied, “Greetings fair Iris. We thank you and the magistrates for allowing us to sojourn here for the next nine months. This will be a year Athens remembers forever.”
The moment Gabriel’s hand touched her own, she felt a delicious warmth spreading rapidly throughout her body, her heart rate increased, and her breathing stopped for a moment. She was sure that her prayer to Aphrodite had been answered for she felt filled with love and desire for a man for the first time in her life. For a short moment, she saw that she would be with Apollo, Demeter, and Kore and that the triad would become a tetrad.

As Gabriel escorted Iris back to her chariot, Iris noted something very new to her, an increasing moistness between her thighs. She did not understand, but enjoyed it very much.

Sophie turned to Alliona as Gabriel returned Iris to her chariot saying, “She is a clever woman, Sister, she has captured our husband’s attention with her charm. What do you think, my love?”

Alliona replied, ”Yes, Sister. Our dear Iris possesses a great power which our Beloved will know how to exploit. Don’t worry, Honey, the three of us are as one in so many ways. I have known Gabriel’s heart for thousands of years and his love will never diminish for you and me. I know she will not be a part of her family unless you and I choose for this to be so, because of our love for Gabriel and the fulfillment of his plan.”

Sophie laid her head on Alliona’s shoulder saying, “I love you, sweet Sister. I will allow my little fears and jealousies to depart. I will always be safe with you and Gabriel.”

Alliona turned to face Sophie and kissed her on her forehead, “Yes, Sister, you will always be safe with Gabriel and me.”

After returning Iris to her chariot, Gabriel summoned the Athenian notables to his chariot and introduced Sophie and Alliona to each one. Even though, both ladies were dressed in military dress and armor, the Athenians, who had been dazzled by Iris, were speechless in the presence of Alliona and Sophie.

One of the gentleman, an older, distinguished scholar whispered to the man to his right, “Demetrius, these ladies surely must be goddesses for their beauty is Form and not matter.”

His friend replied, “I agree. But, if this is so, then Eugenis must be a great god for he has two alluring wives. The Greek they speak is as cultured as you and me. Their vocabulary may even surpass ours, old friend.”

After the necessary introductions, the notables ascended in the first six chariots, behind the lead chariot of Iris. The caravan penetrated the city via its open gates, exactly in the manner previously described by Sophie and Alliona.

As the caravan began, Gabriel commented to his Beloved wives, “It is good that our Iris is in the lead chariot for her beauty, though mainly misinterpreted as carnal, will excite desire into the hearts of the populace which the music and gifts will convert into a more holy form of desire so that we shall we perceived as Divine Beings when our chariot comes into view. Being perceived as Divine is a necessary ingredient for the success of our efforts with Athens. Remember, if anyone asks, you must declare that we are only Teachers from far away. This inconsistency will only fuel their beliefs.”

Sophie and Alliona responded, “Yes, honey, we understand. Do you have any special plans for Iris? We are curious.”

Gabriel laughed, “Sweethearts, of course I have a plan for Iris. She is a most necessary ingredient to our plan so to modify the future so it is less aggressive. I know you two are a mite jealous at the moment, but it is unnecessary. Divorce is not an option for Immortals for division is never an issue. I will never love any other woman more than I love both of you. Your hearts are wiser than your heads, my darlings.”

Sophie, who was more worried than Alliona, replied, “Husband, I admit that I am disturbed by the natural beauty and cleverness of Iris. She truly is prettier than I am. But, Alliona says I am foolish to worry for she knows you better than I and realizes that your heart and mind are fully given to both of us.”

Gabriel put his arm around Sophie and kissed her lightly upon her full lips, “Honey, Alliona is correct. Immortality is a curious state for mortals to understand, though our actions always conform to the most elevated levels of True Conscience. My love for you and Alliona is unconditional and can never be replaced or substituted. You are safe, Sophie. As you experience the early phases of immortality, you will understand the significance of our Triad to ourselves and mankind.”

Conversation with a Rose-Croix (69)

Voyage to Athens and Eleusis (41.3)

April 7, 2017

“Also, Our Beloved instructed so to inform you that on the fifteenth day of each month, beginning January, he will give this noble City, another chest of golden nuggets so to fund the glory of Athens,” finished Alliona.

Sophie, as Sunrise, added, “City magistrates, here are two small chests of pure gold.”

The soldiers in the second chariot dismounted and delivered to the magistrates, placing the chests at their feet and opening the top. They return and mount their chariot.

Sophie continues, “Our Beloved presents you with this gift so to reimburse the City for declaring a three-day holiday in honor of your immortal poets, Homer, Hesiod, Pindar, Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. He requests that the poems and plays of your immortals be performed over these three days in theaters, temples, and open areas.

“Every street and corner of major byways, the inns, the restaurants, and plazas shall be filled with the most pleasant music, day and night. Each morning and evening in the Agora, the three of us will perform music as compelling, sublime, and divine as the music and hymns of Orpheus.

“The Temples shall be provided incense, food, and drink for celebration of their divinities. For these three days, there shall be no master and no slave, only celebrants. We shall provide free food, drink, and clean clothes for the residents of this polis. This is a celebration of euphonia, a time for peaceful union of man and god.

“However, the following restrictions will apply. No person shall verbally berate, shame, or strike another. No person shall force his or her person upon any other person without willing permission. No person shall disturb the general peace and goodwill of this holy festival by belligerent drunkenness or lewdness. Celebrants of Bacchus will be respectful to devotees of other gods and goddesses. Celebrants may enjoy the sexual favors of the festival, but are not to cause embarrassment to the elderly or the children.

“Anyone found to be disturbing the peace and goodwill shall be arrested and jailed during the festival. Such restriction will apply to disorderly drunkenness lewdness, and aggressiveness. Our own soldiers will police the city during this festival so all may enjoy.

“If you accept Our Beloved’s terms and conditions, he will do much more for Athens and its populace than we have related. Our Beloved is not capricious nor envious of mankind. He possesses none of the degraded qualities of your gods. But, it is not wise to invoke his wrath for he can be most severe,” finished Sunrise

The head magistrate conferred with the three other ones present. In a moment, he replied, “Granted. You and your husband are the honored guests of our City and will be honored in all matters. This we swear by all the gods. When is the celebration to be scheduled?”

Sunrise replied, “We shall first enter into the City tomorrow afternoon when Phoebus’ Chariot is at its daily summit. We shall enter into the City, unannounced, with a total of seven chariots and one centuria of soldiers. We shall bring wagons carrying our goods. We request that you summon six of your most notable citizens to greet us at the City gates so to assure your citizens that we are most honored guests of the City.

“When, we arrive tomorrow noon, each citizen will mount a chariot. Each chariot will follow in a line behind the first chariot, as we proceed to our final destination on the Acropolis, the Erechtheion. For this is where Our Beloved desires to recline during our nine months in Athens. Our Beloved is much loved by your patroness goddess, Pallas Athena, she calls him, μυστική ερωμένη μου (my secret lover).

“After the chariots, we shall have a small number of players of the lyre and harp performing some of the melodies of Orpheus. Behind the musicians will come a wagon from which some of our soldiers will distribute bronze and silver coins to anyone lining the route. Following the wagon will be a second ensemble of musicians. Finally, our Beloved and the two of us, without helmets, will follow in the last chariot, followed by our remaining infantrymen.

“The soldiers shall be housed in appropriate lodgings within the City for which we shall pay for in advance. They will cause no problems, we assure you. During our stay, twelve soldiers will guard the Erechtheion continuously. We anticipate no issues, but it does have great crowd appeal.”

“On the fifteenth day of December, when Phoebus is highest in the sky, the festival must begin. This shall give you five days to prepare. You are to come to the Erechtheion to discuss details of the festival with our Beloved. Do not worry about the short notice. Our Beloved is most powerful for good.

“Our Beloved and the two of us, pledge our resources and make an oath of peace and common good to this wondrous City. The oath and pledge of an Immortal has never been dishonored in any universe. As we have your oath and your pledge, the matter is consummated and cannot by undone, neither by Fate nor by Zeus. We bid leave of you. May the gods be with you,” finished Sophie.

Sophie and Alliona remounted their chariot and the two chariots returned to the harbor. As they left the City Alliona said, “Gabriel was correct. I never imagined staging a play in real life, a play in which the other players do not realize is a play. Sophie, how is your tummy? These breast plates were a little tight on my pregnant belly. Are you OK, sweetheart? You know how much it bothers me when you are not comfortable.”

Sophie, keeping the reins in her right hand, she turned toward Alliona and quickly kissed her on the mouth, “Alliona, you are such a mother to me. I guess the forgetting pill could not remove this quality. I love you and I love the sweet baby you now carry.”

Alliona replied, “Sister, Mother, Wife, Lover, Auntie and so on, all rolled into each of us. You and I are always merged with each other and our beloved husband. It is such a warm feeling, isn’t it, Honey?”

When they arrived, Gabriel was waiting at the pier. He asked, “How are my daughters doing under the armor? Could not be avoided, as Athene is the patroness goddess of the City. Tomorrow you dress as she does without her armor. Did our little play unfold as planed?”

Alliona replied, “Yes, my true love. It went as you said it would. I found it curious how cooperative people became when shown gold. It is not something we see in our Djinn world.”

Sophie answered, “My precious and innocent sister, what you saw is called greed and it is the root of most of the evil in our world.”

Gabriel interrupted, “I love both of you so very dearly and am so proud to be your beloved husband and father of two wonderful elfin girls. We shall make love for a long time this night.”

Sophie and Alliona looked at each other, saying in unison, as was their habit, “We are happy that such an old man can satisfy the needs of his most beautiful and amorous wives.” Then, they began to giggle, as the aging potion really had not worked so well.


Conversations with a Rose-Croix (68)

Voyage to Athens and Eleusis (41.2)

April 6, 2017

It was midmorning, December 10, when the harbor master of Piraeus saw three large warships enter into Athens’ main harbor from the Saronic Gulf. The ships were identical in size and design.

Each appeared to be close to 60 meters in length and 10 meters in width. The hulls comprising the top of the waterline downwards were covered with thin copper sheets. The hull above the waterline covered in gold sheets. The decks and bulwarks were wood. The aft of each ship carried an eagle totem that was a high, as was the deck of the ship above the sea. The bows carried a figurehead of what seemed to be a serpent curving toward the aft and slightly taller than the eagle totem. Protruding from the front of the bows were stout metal-layered hardwood, battering rams.

Each vessel carried three wooden masts wrapped in some kind of metal braid from the deck to near its masthead. The attached sails were beige in color, triangular, and had a wooden pole fixed to the bottoms of each. The lead ship carried an embroidered large golden sun with nine rays. The next, a large silver crescent moon. The last displayed the descending dove of Astártē.

Each ship presented a poop-deck aft. The harbor master saw no sailors on deck other than one at the rudder wheel.

Most curious, none of the ship showed any banks of oars. One of the ships towed a much smaller ship which carried a single set of oars.

The harbor master called to one of his assistants, “Diomedes, go inform the magistrates of the three war ships, please. Also inform them that the High Priestess Iris from the Temple of Demeter and Kore awaits these ships in her chariot with her driver. ” Diomedes left and mounted a horse. He left at a gallop on the walled road riding toward Athens.

The three warships dropped anchors inside the harbor. The smaller oared ship came alongside of the ship bearing the descending dove and was loaded with two chariots, four horses, and four persons. The harbor master could not see anything after the articles were lowered onto the deck.

Soon, the smaller ship landed and the bow opened and the two chariots disembarked being pulled by golden horses with crimson plumes. The first chariot carried two military officers and the second two soldiers. Both chariots were accompanied by six foot soldiers.

The two officers stepped down from their chariot and went to speak with the High Priestess who had been waiting patiently since dawn. After a few minutes, both returned to their respective chariots and the High Priestess’ driver turned her horses and headed for the city proper. All three chariots following the Panathenaic Way until they reached the Altar of the Twelve Gods near the Agora. Here the chariots stopped and were met by the chief magistrates of the City.

The High Priestess began the conversation, “I prayed to Demeter and Kore to send to Athens a Friend of the god Apollo to educate our Philosophers. He teaches on an island far to the West of the Pillars of Hercules. She answered our prayers and the Teacher has arrived. Let his representatives speak.”

One of the officers motioned to the soldiers in the second chariot. Both dismounted and lifted a wooden chest bearing the golden emblem of Apollo. They carried the chest and laid it at the feet of the magistrates. One of the men opened the chest showing it filled with nuggets of pure gold. They returned empty-handed to their chariot.

The two officers were regally dressed in gold ceremonial armor. Their heads were enclosed in golden helmets with a face plate of an unknown god. One helmet held a black plume and the other a red-gold plume. They wore short white tunics covered by gold breast plates. The front and rear breastplates of the officer with the red-gold plume were cast so to portray Phoebus’ chariot ascending from out of the dark night. The other’s breastplates carried the figure of Phoebus’ chariot descending into the dark night. The bottom of each tunic was hemmed in gold and ended mid-thigh. Upon their feet were gold colored sandals held on tightly by gold braid wrapped around the calves which were covered with front guard plates.

The two officers removed their helmets. The magistrates were surprised for both were young women in their mid-teens. Both were as beautiful as goddesses, one with black hair, the other with red-gold hair. The red-gold haired one spoke, in perfect Attic Greek, “In your tongue, I am called ανατολή ηλίου (Sunrise), my sister is named ηλιοβασίλεμα (Sunset). We bring this gift of gold and the greetings of our husband, Lord-General Ευγενή, γιος του Προμηθέας (Eugenis, son of Prometheus). As your High Priestess has said, we hail from a land far to the West of the Pillars of Hercules.

“We believe that you call our land, Ηλύσιον (Elysium), or the Fortunate Isles of the Blessed? We have been sailing for twelve weeks. We seek hospitality and shelter.”

The dark-haired officer, Sunset, continued, “Our Beloved has visited with your gods in Zeus’ Palace at Olympus so to teach of things that are to be someday. He is not a seer. He is older than this Creation and will be still after the gods are gone. He presents a single request to Athens. He requests that he be unimpeded for the time we reside in your City and be accorded the respect due his position. Moreover, he insists that the citizens and slaves of Athens treat both of us with the utmost respect and honor, befitting the immortal wives of a man who is more than any god imagined by man. We demand the rights every male citizen of Athens possesses.

“During our residence, we will come to the Agora to teach from Sunday to Wednesday. We will arrive after the Sun’s Chariot is above the horizon. We will choose a sacred edifice to teach from. We will instruct those of sound mind and good character from dawn to dusk. This incubation period, as with the incubation period for a mortal child, will continue for forty weeks, a ‘gestational nine months’ prior to the beginning of the Greater Mysteries. This is the time of insemination and embryonic growth of the present philosophic egg bearing carried by this grand city.

“Thursday to Saturday are days for us to be in silence and meditation and share private time together. However, we expect to be invited to evening dinners and discussions of our teachings on Friday and Saturday. Such dinner discussions are to be conducted in a manner typical of your culture. He expects to have much time to speak with your notable philosophers. Moreover, our Beloved may request complete compliance, as to any sacred rights he requests to be performed at such dinners.

“After the Lesser Mysteries begin next Spring, we will follow the tyros, the mystae, and provide a truer explanation of the ten degrees of the preliminary, initiatory rites. The nine days of the beginning celebration correspond with the birthing from the metaphoric Womb of Athena of a New Philosophy.

“During the time of the Greater Mysteries in September next year (for those properly prepared mystae), we will continue our divine explanations of the stories told of the gods and goddesses–for such stories hold deep meanings to those with ears to hear, eyes to see, and heart to understand. What is presumed vulgar to the eyes of the ignorant, shines as gold to the eyes of the illuminated?

“Finally, our Beloved will initiate the most prepared Hierophants, male and female, of the Greater Mysteries into the Final Mysteries to be disclosed by Apollo, Demeter, and Kore.

“Our Beloved wishes to be made aware of all civic projects that need to be completed for the benefit of the city. He will arrange that such matters are completed before we leave the city.

“We will distribute food, necessities, and purchase shelter for the honestly needy, the elderly without children, the widows, orphan children, and single mothers. We will also provide funds to purchase books for students of the philosophies who are not financially able to do so.

“Each person seeking assistance must demonstrate a legitimate need and swear an oath as to the truth of such need. Therefore, we give the citizens of this City notice that we shall severely punish every person requesting assistance falsely. For the Gods lovingly give to those who have come into need under Fate and severely punish those living in falsity. Our generosity is great, our punishment even greater. So the City is not to interfere in our methods of correction.”