A Reminder of Our Two Sides

Puppy Rescued in Egypt

My dear friends, theologians and philosophers have argued for centuries as to whether mankind is inherently a mixture of egoism, greed, and violence unfit for the Higher Worlds, or a mixture of egoism and altruism, which prevailing depending upon the situation at hand.

Clearly, the first alternative is in error.  I have contemplated these questions for many years and my opinion remains stable.  The foundation of this universe is inherently wholesome and beneficial to living creatures (given the restraints of nature) and consequently, man has evolved for the benefit of altruism and not egoism.  Our problem appears to arise because each of us has a different conception of what is beneficial ourselves and others; moreover, our conceptions and desires are competitive and  selective.  In addition, most people live in existential fear and so bond to one social group or another, blindly.

But, in times of great turmoil and death, or if an animal is involved, or perhaps an ocean reef is endangered, our egoism and fears are dispelled and the angelic side within comes to the service.  This is how I know that our species is altruistic and not egoistic in nature.

Have a nice weekend and Blessings to one and all.







House of Eternity — A New Upanishad-25

20th Teaching – The Magic Kissing Box

[setting] The family preparing for another lesson down by the river in a shady meadow. Everyone is sitting around Mother who begins to tell an ancient story.

Mother: Today, I am going to tell you a very old tale about a wondrous box given by a little girl to her Mother. The girl loved her mother very much and her love turned an ordinary wooden box into a conduit to the Highest Heavens so to pour Our Love into the many worlds. Children, listen very carefully.

Once upon a time, long ago, in a small village, situated in a beautiful green and vibrant forest on the banks of the majestic River, lived a widowed mother and her young, innocent and God-loving young daughter.

The mother was so very poor that it took her many months to save enough money to buy some special gold wrapping paper, which she was going to save until her daughter’s wedding day, God Willing.

One day, mother discovered the paper was missing and she asked her daughter, if she had taken it. When her young daughter said yes, her mother was furious.

The daughter, who was very sweet and tender and close to God burst out in tears, “Oh, Mother, please don’t be angry with me for I needed it so to wrap a special present for you.” Mother was so saddened by her previous outburst and hugged and kissed and apologized.

The next day her daughter gave mother the gift-wrapped present. Inside was a box, but it was empty of mundane things. Mother again lost her temper and told her daughter that if she was going to give a box as a present then the box should contain something nice.

Again the daughter burst into tears and said, “Can you not see the kisses and love that I had put inside for you, dear Mother?”

Her mother’s heart filled with a true remorse, for such feelings commonly come upon us in holy moments, for she saw that she was in the presence of a real angel given to her from God. Realizing at long last, the specialness of her daughter, how she was truly a child of the angels, she again hugged and kissed her–thinking, “Such an innocent and pure love has my daughter for me. Could I only learn to be worthy of receiving such love, as my daughter has for me, of learning how to love as she does, please dear Lord.”

The next day the daughter was playing by at the edge of the River, slipped on some wet grass, falling into the River and drowning.

Mother was heart-broken and regretted all the times she had been harsh with daughter. Then one day an angel came to her and reminded her about her daughter’s wonderful gift. So now, Mother keeps the box by her bedside and whenever she felt unhappy she opens it so to take out a kiss… and with the kiss she feels her daughter once again with her.

As time passed, her material life began to improve and her little farm prospered. Soon not only was there sufficient food for her, but also for her to share with others in her village. The widow was happy helping her neighbors, for she had found that true happiness consists only in loving and caring for all of God’s living creatures.

The more she opened the kissing box, the more love she felt inside her for she was coming to understand that her daughters heart had begun to live fully within her own.

The village prospered over the years for Mother began to share the kissing box with her neighbors and their hearts too came to be filled with her daughters pure and innocent love.

On day a Priest came to the village, for he had heard from some travelers of a marvelous village where everyone seemed filled with the radiance of God’s Holy Love. They told the Priest of a magic kissing box filled with endless love and kisses, a box given to an old lady by a little angel. They had felt its power.

Eventually, the Priest built a Temple to us, dear Children, and Mother gave the box to the priest to share with everyone… and at last the true miracle of innocent and pure love passed into the whole world.

For you see, Children, a world only becomes an actuality when it is full of Divine Love radiating from one heart to another without expectation of reward. To bring a world to such a state is why your Father and I continue to return again and again for we have felt the brilliance of such a world and want all worlds to come to such a state. Alas, it is extremely rare to have a success and so very painful when worlds fail. For an eternity, I have seen the tears streaming down your Father’s cheeks as he absorbs all the suffering so to cleanse the universe for another attempt. Oh Children, it breaks my own heart to see Him suffer so.

House of Eternity–A New Upanishad–24

19th Teaching (I) – The Sequence of the Emanations

[setting] Father and Mother took Krishna and Radha to the river so they could fish and play. After a few hours, the two children returned to their parents quite tired and sat upon the grass.

Father: Now is a good time to provide more information as to how Brahman renewed the universe. I remind both of you that all Rishis and Sages must remain open-minded as to the essential Brahman and the manner of Creation–there is always more to learn by deep introspection.

Radha: But, Father, you and Mother are the One Soul of this Universe and perhaps much more. Why would you not tell us everything.

Father: My sweet daughter, whom I love as much as Mother, there is sound reason why Brahman is described as the unfathomable , everlasting, pure, unchanging, imperishable Source, the eternal point and infinitude. It is called such because it possesses no demonstrable qualities or attributes. The Rishis and Sages gave it the name Nirguna, which refers to something which cannot be described or qualified. It is an unconditioned totality.

This is why your Mother and I sometimes refer to Brahman as the co-present, eternal, infinitesimal point and unbounded infinitude.

As you remember, Love resides within the psychic heart as the ‘point within the heart.’ Wisdom resides as the ‘point within the mind-brain.’ The two points being reflections of the Cosmic Qualia of Love and Wisdom.

However, in construction of the operational ego, the female is Wisdom at the center and surrounded by Love on the exterior. This is why your beloved Mother is warmer than I am. Moreover, this is why Wisdom is given a female name in many schools of enlightenment.

Moreover, traveling within the dreamtime has shown that female bodies are associated with oneirions, or astral selves, which are similar to the physical form. However, a female oneirion has its center of being in the mind-brain and not the heart and so shares many typical masculine attributes. Man is the reverse in construction and is meant to share in the feminine attributes.

Therefore, much of the preliminary work deals with reintegrating and balancing of the physical and the oneirion bodies so that the operational ego can effectively utilize both Love and Wisdom properly. Such balance is present when you see Mother and I in our Divine Form – joined together as one Being in Bliss.

In every self-aware human being, both of these points are joined together and connected to what the ancient of ancients called the Noble Organ, ārya indriya. For it is the Noble Organ which connects people to your Mother and Father at birth and is the Noble Road, ārya sŗti, leading from the mundane to Brahmaloka.

Krishna and Radha, do you both understand so far?

Krishna and Radha: Yes, father, we understand. Please continue.

Father: Many schools teach that Brahman Thinks and Wills into existence a new universe following an unmeasurably long time of nonexistence. Some say that during a Brahman Inbreath, an existing universe is inhaled such that it is, as if it never had been before. During such quiet time, Brahman sleeps.

Whenever, Brahman reawakens, He notes that he is alone and so recreates another universe with its three worlds so to engage His attention therein. Such activity being a relief from boredom or an opportunity to create a new play so to be entertained.

As we have taught, material universes are birthed and die under natural law by what we call Deflation and Inflation. The end state being dependant upon a fluctuation in a portion of space to absolute zero temperature causing a subsequent phase change expanding so to deflate the old universe, forcing its energy to inflate within a new one.

Deflation and Inflation have never had a beginning nor will they have an end, as they are observables manifesting from Brahman. So Brahman never sleeps and is always active. Brahman, as a the point and the infinitude, has no attributes and so cannot be said to possess Intellect, Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Wisdom, Will, or any other conceivable attribute. This is why we call this state, Nirguna, children.

However, within every universe is emanated a manifest a Saguna Brahman or Atman. While, Brahman is forever without attributes, Atman possesses attributes of an immensely refined nature and power. For Atman is the first to be inhaled during the Deflation and the last to be exhaled during Inflation. Like Brahman, Atman is formless, selfless, and is best imagined as KOPTIC, the First Word.

The first necessary exhalation of Nirguna Brahman consists of space and all the energies necessary so to compose the three worlds of existence, the physical, the aphysical mental, and the transcendental. All emanations happen under Law and not will or intention of Nirguna Brahman.

The second necessary exhalation comprises the totality of the controlling laws for the unfolding and evolution of the new universe.

After the first two emanations, the universe continues to expand outward towards the empty limit. The cooling of said energies allowing order to arise out of chaos. Atoms, molecules, macromolecules, enzymes, and finally life in the cell. There is a aphorism in our School.

When the universe has sufficiently expanded and cooled such that life is possible, the Word, KOPTIC, is emanated automatically from Nirguna Brahman and manifests as a vital life force and innate intelligence working with natural evolution so to continue the development of complex plant and animal life.

Eventually, a creature is born capable of harboring and joining with a soul-seed, a jajñi-atman, and the Word can at last be expressed in its fullness.

Remember Children, for Brahman there has been no beginning nor end for universes are infinite in number, more numerous than all imaginable sand grains on all of the seas. Brahman is the source point which touches all universes and will do so eternally.

Whether, Atman had a first beginning in time, none can tell, but it has no ending, as it has become as the Unborn.

Light is forever for neither Brahman nor Atman ever sleeps or rests. Both are ever-giving, ever-producing.

Atman has no form, but is given form by those who worship the Saguna Brahman by whatever name and whatever form conceived of by conscious creatures. It is to Atman that the Sages and Rishis strive towards, formless or not.
Our school teaches:

The Liberation of self,
Requires the killing of self,
A murder accomplished in Lovingkindness done.

And within Nirguna Brahman
Is Saguna Brahman, Atman,
Say the Sages who have entered into the Unborn.

For with the killing of self,
One Awakens into Immortality,
Having found his true I.

From Immortality one moves into
Timeless-Spaceless Infinitude.
The Unborn and Unfathomable which,

Is both Existence and Nonexistence,
Is neither Existence nor Nonexistence,
Is manifest and unmanifest,
Is neither manifest nor unmanifest,
Is both Possibility and Impossibility,
Is neither Possibility nor Impossibility,

Is both Point and Infinitude,
Is neither Point nor Infinitude.
Is both Individual and Collective,
Is neither Individual nor Collective.
Is both Known and Unknown,
Is neither Known nor Unknown.

There is much to contemplate and meditate upon, my dears. Let us enter into meditation so to contemplate upon what I have taught and to be open for further teachings from the Word.

[setting] Everyone settles into a meditate pose and the scene closes.



House of Eternity–A New Upanishad–23

18th Teaching – The Way of Vŗşņi (Vrishni)

[setting] Krishna and Radha arrive for their morning lesson with Father and Mother. Krishna attends with a fully-developed, periorbital hematoma, or ‘black eye,’ around his right eye.

[Mother] I see that you have been fighting at school with the son of Brahmin Mahadevananda. I imagine he was harassing your dear sister, eh?

[Krishna] Yes, Mother. Sanjay was teasing and throwing dirt clods at her during recess. He was calling her nasty names and saying that her parents were heretics. I told him to stop and he would not so we got into a fight, which I did win. I made him get upon his knees and kiss Radha’s feet. All his friends were laughing and he ran home crying in shame.

Then, I took my shirt so to wipe away Radha’s tears and brought her home early. No one will ever hurt my sister. I am Kshatriya and a warrior for good.

[Father] You will not be reprimanded by us for what happened. For nothing is more distasteful and abhorrent to the God-Form than violence and aggression towards another, especially, someone as sweet and loving as Radha. I am now speaking with Sanjay’s father and he is ashamed of the behavior of his son and will deal with it so he learns a most important lesson.

But, children, Sanjay was telling the truth when he said that our School was heretical (vrishni). We are heretical, and this is our greatest strength. I imagine that Sanjay overheard his father speaking with another Brahmin about your Mother and myself without understanding that he and his friend have the deepest respect for Mother and myself.

Over the past 50,000 years, mankind developed the capacity to generate sophisticated oral and written languages suitable for the creation of an uncountable number of religious and philosophical schools. Many of the original schools are extinct, but their prodigies operate still today.

Comparative study of the tenets, rituals, and chants of the historical religions and philosophies demonstrate several common underlying schemata suggesting cross-fertilization and common human problems and existential concerns. However, the proponents of one school tend to ignore such commonalities and stress theological differences. The logical effect being that students lose the ability to remain open-minded and questioning.

Subsequently, the practitioners of our School are known by the phrase, ‘the heretical ones,’ as our students never not stop questioning and seeking a fuller understanding of the Imperishable, Unlimited, Unconditional, Eternal Source, or Brahman. The life of any Universe is immensely long, as we have much to learn, digest, and apply. We do not want to be limited by any limited vision. We seek the Unborn Itself.

A student of our School strives for the following personal qualities:

Strong ego, consciously minimizing egoism,

Understands that all truths are but half-truths and incomplete,

Realizes that people differ, inherently in essential psychology, and require different paths to the Divine,

Is open to learning about and applying the insights of other religiophilosophical schools,

Understands that Love is the Supreme Law, but Love must be guided by practical and deep Wisdom,

Takes personal credit for his or her efforts towards enlightenment, but thanks the God of his Heart and Realization for making it possible for him or her to have the skills possessed for God’s Work on earth, is never proud of any worldly accomplishment made for more than 24 hours (a personal favorite),

Remains awake to what he or she is doing in waking life so to remove unwholesome habits and create wholesome ones.

Intentionally commits no unwholesome action against another, but intentionally Works to treat others in an altruistic and wholesome manner, and lastly,

Seeks full enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

[Mother] Krishna, Father and I are happy that you love your sister and will protect her from abuse. However, next time just take her hand and lead her to a safer place. Never fight, unless this is the only choice available. Peace is the best way, but it takes two willing to make peace. There is no need to act as a victim.

House of Eternity–A New Upanishad–22

17th Teaching – The Flower of Brahman

[setting] Once again Mother finds her sweet Radha sitting alone with tears in her eyes. Mother comes up to her, sits behind her and wraps her arms and legs around her saying,

Mother: Child, what is this sadness in your kind heart today?

Radha: Oh, Mother, some days a great sorrow captures my attention and I seem connected with all the needless suffering of our species. I do not understand, Mother.

Mother: My darling, this sorrow is a gift given to you by Father and I so your faith and perseverance on the path will not waiver. For it is easy enough for a man or a woman to find a way to escape personal, needless suffering, but it is impossible to escape the sorrow of the world. By learning to accept and process such universal suffering personally, you help lighten the suffering of the Godhead.

When this period of necessary suffering for God is done, you let it go as if it never was. Here is a lesson which will help refocus yourself on Brahman. Come lay your head in Mother’s lap and listen.

[setting] Mother blinks and the two of them are in the forest near some Osmanthus bushes.

Mother: Mother says, “Darling, sit up for a moment and see where I have brought you.”

Radha: Oh, Mother. We are in the forest where the Osmanthus bushes do grow. Oh, Mother, is not the scent bliss?

Mother: Yes, Radha. Can you tell from which direction the scent is coming from?

Radha: No, Mother, I cannot tell for the scent seems to be coming from everywhere. I remember that every time you and Father show us your Divine Forms joined in Holy Union, Krishna and I smell a scent like Osmanthus. Why is this, Mother?

Mother: Let me tell you a story and you shall know the answer to your question.

Concealed by high clouds, stands the highest peak of Mt. Meru. A peak known to only the Most Holy of Holy Rishis. As Father has revealed, unseen because of the clouds lies Brahmaloka, a temperate land radiating only Pure Love and Beneficence to the creatures inhabiting the earthly and astral realms. This is the land where the Six Locked Doors of Brahman opened so to allow the First Emanation so to begin Creation. Brahman emanated the Six Eternal Forces.

In this Holy Land, Lord Brahman planted a wondrous Garden. A Garden of Flowers formed from the most precious of jewels and metals. There are Roses formed of gold leaves and ruby red flowers. White Lilies made of silver. For every precious stone there is a wondrous flower. These flowers appear as the precious substances they are, but the leaves and the petals are soft to the touch for they are the very Conduit between the Unfathomable Source and the creatures of the earthly and astral realms over which Brahman sends Life and Conscious Energies.

Deep within the center of the Garden, hidden by a cloak of invisibility, is the most wondrous and precious flower of all – the Brahman Flower. On first sight, as flower bouquets go, it isn’t much to look at. It is not made of precious metals and gemstones, rather, the Brahman Flower looks like its earthly counterpart, the fragrant Tea Olive, or Osmanthus fragrans. The flowers are white-yellow, simple in design and very tiny — you could easily hold a hundred in the palm of your hands. The ever-greenery of its bush is unremarkable. But none of that really matters. This bouquet is not for display, it’s a nosegay, and as soon as you bend your head to sniff, your eyes will be closed in bliss.

The fragrance emitted by an earthly Osmanthus is divine. It smells of warm, ripe apricots, good black tea (maybe a Ceylon, with its floral notes and natural sweetness) and soft leather. It’s a luscious, velvety scent, rich and delicious, but the sunny, citrus-kissed fruit and the tannic tea notes keep things from getting too serious. Osmanthus isn’t a heady narcotic, like jasmine, or a drama queen, like tuberose. It is the scent of happiness.

Once you have smelled and felt the bliss associated with the scent of Osmanthus, you will understand why it is called the Brahman Flower.

While, the particular scents of the other Garden Flowers carry life and conscious energies to the lower worlds, the scent emitted by the Brahman Flower passes into the lower worlds as food for the soul seeds given by Brahman to all self-aware creatures. By conscious work, one can refine ones soul seed so it can capture and retain great quantities of the scent of the Great Soul, blossoming into Atman or Brahman. In other words, dearest love, Thou are That, your little I is one in essence with the One I of Atman.

When Father and I are in our Divine Form, you smell the scent of the Tea Olive because this is the scent of our One Soul, honey. We are Atman in Form and Brahman in Essence.

So when the Great Sorrow comes onto you, do what work which must be done and let go of the Sorrow and breath in the scent of the Brahman Flower.

Let us return, sweetpea, for we must make dinner.

House of Eternity–A New Upanishad-21

16th Teaching – The Divine Word Of Brahman 

Krishna: Father, I have been reading the various Upanishads and the Brahma Sutra and find myself confused as to how the unfathomable , everlasting, pure, unchanging, imperishable, Source, Brahman, emanated this Universe. What do you say?

Father: Krishna, the deciphering of the ‘how and why’ the unfathomable, everlasting, pure, unchanging, imperishable Source, Brahman, empowered this Universe, requires prolonged, deep introspection by a Sage. Introspection going even beyond the four formless, immaterial jhanas designated as boundless space, boundless consciousness, nothingness, and neither-perception-nor-non-perception. They receive the designation “immaterial” or ” formless” (arupa) because they are achieved by surmounting all perceptions of material form, including the subtle form of the counterpart sign which served as the object of the previous jhanas, and because they are the subjective correlates of the immaterial planes of existence.

The existence of such states of consciousness are acknowledged by orthodox and heretical schools, Krishna. However, a ninth jhana has lain hidden from the Sages by the unchanging cloud cover over the highest peak of the mystical Mountain Meru. In our deepest meditations, Mother and I have traveled the unknown path through the unchanging clouds to the absolute peak of Mount Meru.

Krishna: Father, what did you and Mother discover?

Radha: Please tell us, Father. Please.

[setting] Suddenly, Father disappeared from his cushion. Above the platform, the children saw Father and Mother locked in heavenly union and all that existed was pure awareness and pure bliss. Radha quickly bowed down.

Radha: Krishna, bow down, bow down. Father and Mother are Buddha and His Consort, Vishnu and Lakshmi, and Lord Krishna and Lady Radha.

[setting] Krishna bowed down. From near and far away, Lady Radha spoke to the children.

Lady Radha: Those who have found the unknown path through the unchanging cloud cover of Mount Meru find six closed golden doors. Upon the face of each door are diagrams of mythical beasts composed of one particular precious gemstone for each door. The gemstones being alexandrite, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and opal. The doors do not stand still, three rotate clockwise and three rotate counterclockwise, each emitting a light of the same hue and vibratory levels as its gemstone. The first door is called the Power of Knowing, the second door the Power of Observing, the third the Power of Presence, the fourth the Power of Transcending, the fifth the Power of Intending, the sixth the Power of Caring-Compassion. The doors spelling out the First Word of Creation, the First Emanation from the Imperishable Source (Brahman), KOPTIC. This is the AUM of the Vedanta.

Lord Krishna: Beloved Ones, the doors are locked until the end of this universe at which time the fully enlightened Immortals will pass from the Born to the Unborn. This is how they survive the Grand Deflation – Inflation when the Old One births the New One.  All information remaining in the Old Universe is erased and karma, or entropy, returns to the null state, or maximum synentropy. Therefore, no evil is allowed to move from the Old into the New.

So the First Emanation of the Unfathomable Source is not Purusha, not Prakriti, not a Cosmic Person. The First Word is the Great Verb, the Great Function, the Great Qualia. The First Word manifests as the Unshakable Laws of Manifestation in all three worlds. This you shall learn soon.

The Cosmic Being, Ishvara, Purusha, or Atman comes as a later Emanation.

Lady Radhu: So allow your confusion to subside as a wave returning to the ocean, allow your confusion to be snuffed out as a candle by the winds. For this is what My Eternal Delight and Companion and I founded universes ago.

[setting] Father and Mother reappeared in their human forms and the children ran to hug them. And another Buddha and His Consort looked down upon them and smiled in Bliss.

The Miracle of the Djinn Resurrection Eve (4)

Commentary:  How do you know that you understand your God?  How do you know you know such God?  These two questions are critically important for every R+C Student.  I am forever surprised at the automatic resistance arising in people when you make slight changes as to the attributes and details of God by describing another realization.  People just shut there hearts and ears when names and forms change proving that they are really not in touch with the God of their own heart.  After all, God is truly formless, but appears as others believe God to Be.  Though God be formless, the Love, Wisdom, and Intentions are abundantly clear to those with eyes and ears which function.  I recommend paying attention to what is important and which leads to learning to love as God loves–our at least close.

This is the purpose of this excerpt from the book.  For God cares nothing for your images and descriptors, God cares that you come to understand God in your inner heart so to live godly lives.


There was not a dry eye in the group. Not a dry eye, humbug, everyone was crying out of pure joy and happiness. The guests realized that the Resurrection Eve Story was ancient, but, the parts played by Gabriel and Alliona and the old Djinn were so real. As if, Gabriel and Alliona were the mystical couple and the Holy Mother and Father had visited. Alliona’s limp and twisted pelvis seemed so real in the mirror.

Sophie asked, “Alliona, it seemed so real, the story. It was like I was standing in the house with the young couple and the Holy Father and Holy Mother. How can this be? You looked so different and your poor pelvis was so badly deformed when you were naked that it made me want to hug you.”

Alliona smiled, “Sophie, you just experienced the Miracle of Resurrection Eve–the actual reliving of the events leading up the Conception of Ariel. This is why Djinn do not have to believe in the presence of the Holy Family in this universe, for the Holy Ones gave this gift to the Djinn because of the unconditional love of ONE young couple. They told us that we were to celebrate the Miracle every Resurrection Eve so to remind all of us of the power of unconditional love so we will never be misled into evil again.

“The Miracle first appeared at the end of the Great War, when the Holy Family brought the doctor and his Beloved into the Upper Worlds. And yes, Sophie, they did conceive another daughter before they departed. It was my great-granny. It was hundreds of thousands of years ago.”

“Wow,” was all Sophie could say.

The head kitchen granny approached Gabriel, a bit tipsy, though still most proper, “Gabriel, sorry, I mine Milord, may we retire to the kitchen so to bring out the meal?”

Gabriel had learned all the names of the grannies from Eleanor and he replied, “Astraceae, please do so. By the way, you can call me Gabriel–I have never liked Milord so much,” The grannies headed to the kitchen and everyone sat down.

Alliona went to the fireplace mantel and opened an ancient incense censor hanging from a hook. She took some embers from the fireplace and placed them into the censor. She stood up and retrieved a clay jar filled with large chunks of frankincense and myrrh. She took a handful and sprinkled them on top of the embers and closed the lid. She lit the wick of a large beeswax candle and held the lite candle in one hand and the censor in the other and returned to stand next to Gabriel.

Gabriel standing said, “It is the custom on Resurrection Eve for the mistress of the house to take the candle, symbolic of the Higher Light of Wisdom, so to illuminate her path as she censes this room. The smoke and fragrance of the incense symbolizing the Divine Love of the Holy Family.

“But, tomorrow, I will have two mistresses of this house and so Sophia, whose name means Wisdom, will carry the Holy Candle to Illuminate Alliona’s path as she Infuses the symbolic World with the Love of the Holy Family. Truly, Love and Wisdom seem as Two, while still One.

“Sophie and Alliona, I swear upon all that is Holy and Everlasting that I will honor, love, and cherish you both, equally and for all of Time. One day, you will discover that you are true sisters in a new Trinity.

“Tonight and forevermore, I will worship in love at your altars, as established by the Holy Family. So Mote It Be.

Brides thou beest on this the Resurrection Eve, but wives thou beest on the morrow. Sophie and Alliona, I love you beyond the bounds of this Universe. Darlings, cense the room for the Holy Supper.”

Sophie stood up and took the candle from Alliona and as Sophie led Alliona the room filled with the wondrous scent of frankincense and myrrh. Everyone was standing with their heads lowered in personal communion.

When the censing was done, Gabriel recited the Holy Pray and the dinner was served.

There is no time to describe the feast other than to mention than no meat dishes were served, for these must wait Resurrection Day. The family enjoyed,

sweet grain pudding with fresh heavy cream
unleavened round bread
stuffed cabbage rolls
small dumplings with mushrooms
dumplings with cabbage and potatoes
slow cooked kidney beans with potatoes, garlic, and seasoning
small biscuits with poppy seeds and honey

And, of course, spiced mead. Toasts continued through the meal which the grannies sat down to enjoy. Everyone was pleasantly warm and tipsy.

The golden halo again appeared above her head, as Alliona stood and prophesied, “Some day, hundreds of thousands of years from now, the villagers will swear, most solemnly upon the Holy Book, that the Love which shone from the hearts of those, present this evening, was so pure that the Holy Family came to share the Feast and the Third Great Miracle came to be. Truly, the villagers shall claim, that on this very night, Ariel, the Daughter of God, descended into Alliona and Sophie and both became true daughters of the Holy Family. On that night, one of the most celebrated nights in future Djinn history, Gabriel worshiped with such love and devotion at the Altars of Sophie and Alliona that the gift of a Holy Child was given onto each Beloved Wife. The love of three being at last unconditional so that Ariel could confer Immortality.

“If you ask the Djinn how they know this story is true, they will show you an old parchment codex filled with ink drawings of the time the Holy Daughters spent with the Djinn and the Miracles they performed. They called themselves the Sisters of the Returning Savior, their Sister Ariel. And Ariel did come once again to the Djinn and the Djinn came to live in fullness, as the race had done in the old universe. And each will bow his or her head and place both hands over the heart region and recite, ‘Glory to the Most High for the Fourth Miracle, Amen. “

As Alliona sat down by Gabriel, the stardust on the Resurrection Tree began to glow more brightly. Sparks of golden – silver brilliance flew from the Tree into the room, piercing the hearts of all present. With each heart piercing, the miracle of unconditional love for others was no longer speculative. A soft feminine voice spoke to each, “Child, the Greatest Miracle of All Miracles is knowing Unconditional Love. So make it permanent. Never forget that the Holy Family loves you.”

The light of the Tree returned to its previous state. No one knew what to say. Gabriel stood up and said, “Often, words will desert you when unconditional love is felt. But, you can show it by action. Try hugging each other and you will understand.”

And everyone hugged their nearest neighbors and felt the true peace of Love. With the end of each hug, each received another gift. Each knew for a second, the Unending Suffering felt by the Holy Family for the injustice and injury caused to others by egoism.

Gabriel said, “Each must decide which path to travel.”