The 5th Gospel of Gabriel

From the Quintessence Gospel of Gabriel.  This Gospel relates the activity of Jesus from the beginning to the Crucifixion as it transpired.

7.1 And it came to pass that Jesus and Miriam’s son, Gabriel, found the street blocked by a throng of persons listening to a complex, theological sermon from a local priest.  The pair made their way to the front of the crowd and listened for a few minutes.  The sermon was finished and the priest asked for the crowd to tell him what he had just taught.

2 The crowd was silent and at last the Master climbed up on the platform to answer.  The priest moved to stand upon the left side of Jesus.

3 Jesus began, “Once there lived a man with three sons.  The eldest was a Pharisee, the next a Sadducee, and the last an artist.  One day, the man called together his sons and announced that he was going on a journey to the East and would not return.  Looking lovingly at the three, the father said, ‘I have divided my land and orchards into three portions:  the first comprises 90%, the second 9%, and the last 1%.  I shall distribute such depending upon the answers given to one question.’

4 ‘So, children, answer me this riddle.  What is sweeter than a date, more intoxicating than the choicest of wines, more faithful than a beloved herding dog, closer to your heart than anything else, never tells a falsehood, or will betray your expectations?’

5 The eldest son answered first, ‘Father, the Law.  For the Law is from the Lord and tells us what to do in every situation, from birth to death.’

6 The second son answered, ‘Father, the pleasures of the world are as you say. For to eternally indulge is pleasure is never to be sad at heart.’

7 The youngest son answered, ‘Father, I am only an artist working with stone and clay, but I think I can answer your question.  Clearly, the Law is not correct for what good is justice without being tempered by mercy?

8 ‘Hedonism is not correct for pleasure is never forever, but is interlaced with sorrow and pains.  Moreover, the enjoyment of earthly pleasures of the few are bought at the cost of injustice and hurt to others.

9 ‘What I have found to be as you describe is the allowing space within my heart for the voice of God.  For God shows me clearly how to speak and act every moment of my life so to hurt none and benefit all.’

10 Tears appeared in the old man’s eyes and he hugged his youngest child.  ‘To you goes the largest portion, the next to the eldest, and the last to the middle.  Truly, only God can possess all of these qualities and more.'”

11  A man in the crowd shouted, ‘So that was what the priest was telling us.  The old man was wise and so was his youngest son. Bless them both.’

12 The crowd began to disperse, Jesus stepped down from the platform, and began to walk away with Gabriel by his side.  “You see, Gabriel, a simple parable for most is better than the most erudite of lectures. Remember, dear boy.  Give pablum to the simple and meat to the wise.”

From the diary of Gabriel Baal Eyt concerning his days with Jesus.  The original has been stored in the library at Mt Carmel and an English translation may be made public this year.  I will keep you informed.

EsoBites: Understanding the Meaning of Spiritual Hierarchy (comment to comments)

Dear I. and R.,

Very helpful analyses, thanks.

The fault I see in most spiritual systems is that they are maintained on dangerous premises which remain unproven.  One such premise is the egoistic concept of mandatory reincarnation for all human beings predicated upon the supporting premise of divine retribution (see my earlier posts).

Spiritual schools typically and arbitrarily establish that the screen of spirituality lies between apes and humans. Moreover, such schools presume that all humans attain to immortality of one sort or another (enlightenment or afterlife) and our pets do not.

Does it make sense that the endpoint is absolutely predetermined such that the most loving and faithful of canines (dogs are conscious in many ways that humans are) excluded?  I think not.  Returning to the Divine is only of value if a person is given the freedom to decline such return.

So a sly student realizes that he or she has no more than one life so to activate his or her soul seed so to become a stream enterer, or reincarnate.  Why is he sly?  For he makes sure that he does not waste this life by trusting unproven premises.  (I recommend my post on the Devil in Heidelberg.)

Spiritual schools are useful, but every lesson I received, as to how to attain enlightenment was given to me directly as a new experiment beginning at 3 yo.

All ones needs do is to remain open as a little one and God will send what is needed for those with eyes and ears open.  God does not make it difficult, mankind does.  I am quite sure that the Holy Ghost comes to those who love the god of their heart, Christian or not.

Love, Michael

EsoBites: Understanding the Meaning of Spiritual Hierarchy

EsoBites: Understanding the Meaning of Spiritual Hierarchy


It is a truism that every attuned student of the Esoteric possesses no inherent issue with any sincerely held spiritual belief which is consistent with the First Order Teachings of the Christ given in the NT. Higher Teachings exist as Christ fed both pablum and meat. But, for the moment such Higher Teachings are not needed.

A spiritual belief system can be sincerely held only after individuals have made great efforts to ‘prove to themselves’ the veracity of their beliefs. Such persons will resonate with ‘what is accurate’ in their system and in the other. They seek similarities of Love and Wisdom in both. They forget minor divergences as both might be in error.

As an aside, persons occupying higher stations in the Cosmic Hierarchy do not consider themselves ‘elite.’ It is better to speak of them, as Confucius spoke of illuminated persons, the Superior Man (Woman). Each one is far superior in Love and Wisdom than those living only in the Earthly-Astral worlds. Oftentimes, they seem harsh to those who are still ‘young in progress’ and even ‘uncaring,’ as they are well-aware of the pitfalls on the path which lead to ultimate death. They are not patient with foolishness, as they understand the severity of mankind’s position and duty.

Becoming a Superior Man (Woman) mandates much focused Work and many years of necessary suffering; but the years a student has clocked in any Spiritual Order is a poor marker of illumination. As I have mentioned previously, many pseudo-students considering themselves as ‘elite’ members, mechanically subscribe to many strange conceptions, which I, as a psychiatrist, would classify as blatant delusions.

So here is the secret: generally, Superior Men (Women) remain silent as to their station, but a few are permitted to provide such information to sincere students in troubling times when Hope is Needed. You will tell them by their words and actions.

So be vigilant, for a day may come when such a Man or Woman decides to enter into your world line for just cause. Do not ‘blow it off’ secondary to egoism–it will happen only once–so do not waste the gift.

Ciao Michael

A Little Rhyme to Set You Straight

Greetings, dear friends. may Deity’s blessings be with all of you.


A Little Rhyme to Set You Straight

How the world came to be,

is not a question meant for me?

if you must, ask a light-bearing angel,

or perhaps, a demon lurking by a well.

I heard philosophers are a heady lot,

and drunkards babble about what is not.

The priest offers bread as His flesh,

mixed with wine His blood fresh.

Hedonists, ascetics, scholars, and the rest,

tout views at odds one to the other’s best.

All I try each day is to love you God,

even though most find this quite odd.

I work to love my neighbor as myself,

even though admitting, I can find no self.

So even, if I knew the Absolute,

to you, I would remain perfectly mute.

For what benefit is such knowledge complete,

if you not help those having nothing to eat?


A rare spur of the moment poem.  But, I do think it addresses the problem herein.

Love you all, Michael

Counterpoint: Metaphysics and Science

Greetings, dear friends.  Sorry about my lack of posts, but extremely busy with constitutional litigation.  However, I think it important to discuss what I see as an unnecessarily  and nonproductive intellectual interaction between scientific and metaphysical (often religious) epistemologies.  Commonly, intellectual discussions between metaphysicians (usually theologians) and scientists are conducted adversarially, rather than cooperatively and the outcomes are nonproductive and enhance existing hostility.

For in truth, science and metaphysics are simply alternative methodologies for dealing with knowledge of the origin, construction, and operation of physical and aphysical (psychospiritual) worlds of existence and being.  Science preferring the physical and psychological and metaphysics the psychological and the spiritual.  Please note, that the human (and perhaps other conscious creatures) psychological world(s), in which both the physical and spiritual are imaged and realized,  is the common link.

A homey analogy may be found in a simple bar magnet with its opposed N and S poles. As the polarity of the magnet arises from temperature-dependent orientation of relativistic, spinning, electrical quanta by the earth’s magnetic field, the polarity of N and S are intrinsic to the magnet itself.  In other words, while opposed electrical charge exists, independent magnetic monopoles do not.

Likewise, scientific and metaphysical epistemologies arise and share a common dimension, the psychological (which is where our attentive center of observation is located).  Therefore, from the perspective of the Institute,  the proper discussion format is one of counterpoint, rather than an adversarial debate.  Moreover, such format needs to be remembered and applied in your explorations of existence, contemplations, explorations, and modeling.

Give it a trial, you may discover that your useful knowledge and tolerance are much enhanced.

Blessings from the Institute.




A Reminder of Our Two Sides

Puppy Rescued in Egypt

My dear friends, theologians and philosophers have argued for centuries as to whether mankind is inherently a mixture of egoism, greed, and violence unfit for the Higher Worlds, or a mixture of egoism and altruism, which prevailing depending upon the situation at hand.

Clearly, the first alternative is in error.  I have contemplated these questions for many years and my opinion remains stable.  The foundation of this universe is inherently wholesome and beneficial to living creatures (given the restraints of nature) and consequently, man has evolved for the benefit of altruism and not egoism.  Our problem appears to arise because each of us has a different conception of what is beneficial ourselves and others; moreover, our conceptions and desires are competitive and  selective.  In addition, most people live in existential fear and so bond to one social group or another, blindly.

But, in times of great turmoil and death, or if an animal is involved, or perhaps an ocean reef is endangered, our egoism and fears are dispelled and the angelic side within comes to the service.  This is how I know that our species is altruistic and not egoistic in nature.

Have a nice weekend and Blessings to one and all.







House of Eternity — A New Upanishad-25

20th Teaching – The Magic Kissing Box

[setting] The family preparing for another lesson down by the river in a shady meadow. Everyone is sitting around Mother who begins to tell an ancient story.

Mother: Today, I am going to tell you a very old tale about a wondrous box given by a little girl to her Mother. The girl loved her mother very much and her love turned an ordinary wooden box into a conduit to the Highest Heavens so to pour Our Love into the many worlds. Children, listen very carefully.

Once upon a time, long ago, in a small village, situated in a beautiful green and vibrant forest on the banks of the majestic River, lived a widowed mother and her young, innocent and God-loving young daughter.

The mother was so very poor that it took her many months to save enough money to buy some special gold wrapping paper, which she was going to save until her daughter’s wedding day, God Willing.

One day, mother discovered the paper was missing and she asked her daughter, if she had taken it. When her young daughter said yes, her mother was furious.

The daughter, who was very sweet and tender and close to God burst out in tears, “Oh, Mother, please don’t be angry with me for I needed it so to wrap a special present for you.” Mother was so saddened by her previous outburst and hugged and kissed and apologized.

The next day her daughter gave mother the gift-wrapped present. Inside was a box, but it was empty of mundane things. Mother again lost her temper and told her daughter that if she was going to give a box as a present then the box should contain something nice.

Again the daughter burst into tears and said, “Can you not see the kisses and love that I had put inside for you, dear Mother?”

Her mother’s heart filled with a true remorse, for such feelings commonly come upon us in holy moments, for she saw that she was in the presence of a real angel given to her from God. Realizing at long last, the specialness of her daughter, how she was truly a child of the angels, she again hugged and kissed her–thinking, “Such an innocent and pure love has my daughter for me. Could I only learn to be worthy of receiving such love, as my daughter has for me, of learning how to love as she does, please dear Lord.”

The next day the daughter was playing by at the edge of the River, slipped on some wet grass, falling into the River and drowning.

Mother was heart-broken and regretted all the times she had been harsh with daughter. Then one day an angel came to her and reminded her about her daughter’s wonderful gift. So now, Mother keeps the box by her bedside and whenever she felt unhappy she opens it so to take out a kiss… and with the kiss she feels her daughter once again with her.

As time passed, her material life began to improve and her little farm prospered. Soon not only was there sufficient food for her, but also for her to share with others in her village. The widow was happy helping her neighbors, for she had found that true happiness consists only in loving and caring for all of God’s living creatures.

The more she opened the kissing box, the more love she felt inside her for she was coming to understand that her daughters heart had begun to live fully within her own.

The village prospered over the years for Mother began to share the kissing box with her neighbors and their hearts too came to be filled with her daughters pure and innocent love.

On day a Priest came to the village, for he had heard from some travelers of a marvelous village where everyone seemed filled with the radiance of God’s Holy Love. They told the Priest of a magic kissing box filled with endless love and kisses, a box given to an old lady by a little angel. They had felt its power.

Eventually, the Priest built a Temple to us, dear Children, and Mother gave the box to the priest to share with everyone… and at last the true miracle of innocent and pure love passed into the whole world.

For you see, Children, a world only becomes an actuality when it is full of Divine Love radiating from one heart to another without expectation of reward. To bring a world to such a state is why your Father and I continue to return again and again for we have felt the brilliance of such a world and want all worlds to come to such a state. Alas, it is extremely rare to have a success and so very painful when worlds fail. For an eternity, I have seen the tears streaming down your Father’s cheeks as he absorbs all the suffering so to cleanse the universe for another attempt. Oh Children, it breaks my own heart to see Him suffer so.