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Question 4: How do I know I have made contact with a genuine Teacher? Are there levels of instruction or levels of Teachers?

Answer 4: Establishing contact with a genuine Teacher of a mesoteric school sponsored by the Great School is dependent upon many factors. For example, the place of birth or upbringing may or may not be conducive to locating a compatible school; inappropriate spiritual training after birth may serve to neutralize the magnetic center carried over from a prior birth; contacting a false school may cause unnecessary hardships to occur and terminate further searches for enlightenment and so on. As the Russian Teacher Gurdjieff was fond of saying, “being lucky helps.”

Potential seekers should remember that the levels of the school they are attracted toward will depend upon their intentionality, sincerity and ability to apply effort toward embarking upon the path of conscious evolution. Early students should only expect to contact early schools; one must graduate primary school before attempting secondary school or university. However, I can assure you that if you study with full intent, further opportunities for study and service will ‘miraculously’ be presented at the proper time and place.

After contacting a school and applying for admittance, it is critical that you observe how the school and its teachers operate. Observe and ask questions continuously: Does the school seem to benefit only a few people? Are you promised wealth, happiness and success without the necessity for super-efforts on your part? Will moneys buy you health, happiness and enlightenment? Who are members of the school? Are they people you would expect to see in an exoteric school? Does the school desire to attract celebrities so to help the school attract media idolaters? Does the school sell products carrying claims of having lifesaving properties, such as special waters, amulets and books?

The answers to these and similar questions will be appropriate whenever you are involved with a genuine exoteric school. Observe the Teacher, for the actions of the Teacher are the windows to the soul of the school.

Question 5: Does the Great School endorse any particular religion or social order?

Answer 5: The Initiates of the Great School and its mesoteric offshoots do not today, nor in the past, endorsed any particular religion or social order. The Work of the Great School has nothing to do with the goals or activities of professed religions, except, in so far as the teachings of such organizations aid in the general and personal welfare of mankind. No legitimate mesoteric school has ever directly involved itself in the furtherance of any revolutionary political or religious matter. The earthly brotherhood of legitimate schools is not religious in nature, nor intent ,and is not a cult. The only involvement permitted by the Initiates of the Great School in the mundane affairs of the world occurs for situations of drastic proportions when it becomes necessary to act so to prevent the complete destruction of the human race through self-inflicted wars and persecutions.

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Question 2: Is there more than one esoteric school in our universe?

Answer 2: Contrary to the incomplete thoughts and selfish desires of many persons seeking aggrandizement, careful considerations upon the question lead to only one, simple and rationale answer–no. Each universe can contain no more than one Great Esoteric School; for it is a cosmic principle that all genuine spiritual paths eventually lead to the same realization concerning the necessity of careful harvesting of human potentialities for adequate completion of the universal process of natural and conscious evolution. Successful completion of this task is not a guarantee given by some eternal God to one man or group of men (as taught by many exoteric religious and metaphysical schools); if secured, mankind would have found the meaning and purpose he has so long sought so to justify his necessary and unnecessary suffering.

Moreover, since all conscious beings born into and awakening within our universe have trod the same path (though it might appear different to those who are blind), doing so through right choice and effort; there are no remaining differences of opinion nor directed effort. The Initiates of the Great School exist in a state where individuality functions as conjoined and unified “will and intention.”

Question 3: What is the connection between the Great School and persons and organizations claiming to be exoteric, or incarnate, representatives?

Answer 3: Generally, people claiming that their authority comes from the Great School are either real Initiates or, more commonly, pretenders acting mainly to propagate personal beliefs among the ignorant masses. Such ‘teachers’ are far removed from the Great School and its intentions for mankind. The best evidence as to the truth of the situation is that the organizations created by such persons work primarily for the material and psychological advantage of the founders rather than for the inner growth of the students. Oftentimes, you will hear stories from former students as to how their savings have been taken in the promise of obtaining sacred knowledge or better fortune. Associating with a worldly school is one place where the student must heed the timeless warning: Buyer Beware!

Sometimes, a self-proclaimed teacher was actually a student of a genuine school, but he or she left prematurely and so did not crystallize his or her connection (that is obtain permanence of the “I” so to survive mortal death) with the Great School. Usually the teachings presented by such schools are infected with wrong information and personal desires, serving as poor vehicles for the Great Light.  Solomon is just one example.

Occasionally, a teacher who obtained initiation in a past incarnation appears within the sphere of a legitimate exoteric school and is recognized as an Avatar, or Corrector, who has reincarnated so to inspire the search for light among those of the masses who have ‘but only a mite of dust blinding their vision’. If the teachers of the exoteric school are attuned sufficiently with the spirit of the Great School so to bring the reincarnating Master into their organization; then he or she will be able to be physically reintroduced to the current state of the world and it’s understanding of sacred knowledge. Even though, each Avatar, or Corrector, is born into physical existence with an unbroken attunement with the other Initiates of the Great School; his or her knowledge of the mundane world, science, philosophy and spirituality must be laboriously relearned by the new brain. Probably the best examples of this are found in the Tibetan Buddhist stories of the search for and training of a new lama who is the reincarnation of the previous spiritual head.

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Third, major advancements have occurred in the technology of communication. In the Middle Ages, literacy was low and books limited to those laboriously copied by hand in the monasteries of Europe. With the introduction of the first printing presses in the 15th century by Gutenberg, many scientific and metaphysical treatises were made available to the educated of Europe encouraging the formation and growth of universities and the investment in learning about how the world functions objectively. The famous Kabbalah text, the Zohar, first revealed toward the end of the 13th century by the great Spanish Kabbalist, Moses De Leon, was promptly published following the introduction of the printing press.

As universal education became the norm within Europe and America, the demand for reading material increased and printing prospered. By the end of the 19th century, radio was made available, followed by television in 1950. The information explosion increased exponentially and education flourished. The introduction of personal computers in the 1980 and the growth of the world-wide-web has created immense data bases holding untold facts which can be used for educational purposes. At no prior time, have so many tools been available for influencing the development of mankind–for better or worse.

Therefore, for the next few weeks or months, we will be given the opportunity to study the history and Teachings of the Great School so to gather just a hint of understanding concerning the immensity of the Great Work of Conscious Humanity so to answer onto the inner calling of those seekers ready for contacting a worldly school suitable for guiding their first tenuous steps onto the Path of Conscious Evolution. To avoid unnecessary confusion, additional information, beyond that conveyed in our introduction to this series of lectures, will be through a question and answer format.

Question 1: When I look around, I observe a plethora of different religions, philosophies, metaphysical schools and persons claiming to be legitimate Teachers and Guides to ‘treading the Ancient and Sure Path’. Why?

Answer 1: There are a number of reasons why the mundane world contains so many different religions, teachings and philosophies–many subscribing too opposite viewpoints as to God and Creation. Firstly, archaeological and anthropological studies demonstrate that a religious belief systems, most likely animism, appeared within our Cro Magnon ancestors after migrating from Africa into the Middle East and Europe. Funerary goods, including flowers, food and weapons, have been found in conjunction with Cro Magnon (and maybe Neanderthal) burial sites dating to 50,000 years ago. Cave art suggestive of hunting and fertility rituals has been found in France and other areas originating from 12,000 to 34,000 years ago. In addition to artefactual evidence, all early cultures (including modern hunter-gatherers) seem to have had access to and utilized vast, complex and imaginative creation mythologies so to provide explanations for natural events, the existence of dreams, insanity, cultural goals, illness and the transience of human existence. These early attempts to understand life and human purposes demonstrate that deep within the human psyche is the need to ask questions and explore answers.

Second, many persons throughout the ages, still fettered to egotism and the false personality or self, have convinced themselves, without proper study nor contact with the Great School, that they are special agents from God–agents unto whom the ‘Final Truths’ have been revealed as to mankind’s place in the universe and his relation to the Godhead defined by the prophet involved. Many of the religions created by mankind have been born from such endeavors. Although such religions have little to do with conscious evolution, they often do contain tidbits of esoteric knowledge, usually added surreptitiously by students of legitimate exoteric schools so to help encourage the general followers to implement precepts for right living.

Third, in ancient times, functioning exoteric schools, such as those of dynastic Egypt and India, sent forth into the world students having completed their training with instructions to establish new schools suitable for the cultural tastes and backgrounds of the indigenous persons. Usually, these students’ teachers are chosen from persons attending the mystery schools who originally came from the geocultural areas of interest.

Fourth, in order to assure the survival of mankind from one age to another the mesoteric schools attract additional persons who can be readied to receive the Great Light using incarnating Initiates actively involved in all aspects of mankind’s cultural existence. They often encourage the formation of new exoteric schools, mystical organizations and philosophical schools appealing to and attracting many potential students.

Path of Work Interlude 011516©

Today, we deviate from our prior path (will return tomorrow) to discuss two dangerous and false beliefs common to all new tyros, or candidates, for admission into an earthly, functioning esoteric school. The name I use so to identity genuine, earthly schools connected with an esoteric source is ‘mesoteric.’ Mesoteric schools exist and function as interfaces connecting the phenomena with the noumea. Uncommonly appreciated by many teachers and students, is that the quality and substance of the teachings will differ between mesoteric schools, as is the case in any educational system, e.g., primary, secondary, university, graduate, and postgraduate. So choose wisely, tyro.

The first dangerous misconception, natural for a new tyro, is thinking that a person who has become a stream-enterer and possessor of a soul is a saint and is all knowledgeable. Subsequently, the tyro sincerely believes that his or her teacher is more than a human being and is unable to commit any human transgressions. Inappropriate behavior by the teacher (the most common transgression being misuse of the sexual energies) is excused–surely the Master must to doing this for am appropriate reason of benefit to the student. Yes, the Master knows what he or she is doing and such behavior has nothing to do with the Work or the esoteric source.

Eventually, within real mesoteric schools, when the Master uses his or her authority so to please the animal side of man, his or her school falters and dies as it should. Leading to the wise rule–if the behavior of the principals appears inappropriate and deviant, it is time to leave such school!

The second dangerous misconception is thinking that the teacher no longer possesses the capacity to be at odds with his or her environment, that is, suffer psychological conflicts. That the teacher may feel frustrated, be ill, be angry, or be depressed. That sometimes, even a brand new student can grow simply by sitting next to his teacher, sincerely thankful that the teacher truly cares for him always. For such kindness affects the teacher also. Does it matter whether or not the teacher was sad or acting?  Not in the least. What matters is the simple act of kindness.

Many new students idolize their teachers believing them to be superhuman, rather, than just reasonable and wise. Such idolization placing an unnecessary burden upon the teacher and requiring the teacher to destroy such idolization.

A real teacher will continually remind you of his or her humanness. That he or she is not a deva nor a saint. That he or she makes errors which need to be rectified later. But, in spite of all of the reasonable shortcomings of the teacher, the tyro learns that his or her teacher remains human, but, somehow is so much more. Teachers teach best by playing certain roles demonstrating the best of mankind rather than the worst.

So love your teacher, for he or she needs it as much as you do. Blessings, one and all.

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Second the cultural evolution of mankind has been drastically advancing since the height of the Renaissance and the birth of scientific method during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The opportunity for sustained wealth and health began with the first advancements of the Industrialization of Europe and America beginning with the invention of the steam engine by Thomas Newscomen and its improvement by James Watts in 1769. By the mid 19th century, progress had advanced sufficiently to encourage universal education and social services. Advancements in large-scale hygiene, vaccination and chemotherapy for many infectious diseases such as childbirth fever, smallpox, diphtheria, plague and tuberculosis reduced infant and early adult mortality and insured that a larger portion of the useful population survived and prospered into maturity and old age. Further improvements in agriculture and food distribution allowed for additional increases in world population–even in the presence of ubiquitous epidemics and natural disasters.

Today, a large proportion of persons living in the developed countries have sufficient education, material resources and free time, above and beyond that necessary for accomplishing the affairs of daily and mundane life, for pondering questions about the laws underlying the activities of nature, society and individuals. Initially, the questions asked are about inequities in the distribution of wealth, health and power between persons; why selfishness so often prevails over altruism; why life appears unjust and so on. Later, questions advance and some individuals begin asking about life’s purpose and mankind’s purpose; is our existence just part of a larger and more grand plan; will justice be served after mortal life; is there a heaven? Finally, some individuals begin to experience a longing, burning or yearning within their hearts for gaining objective knowledge about the totality of existence and themselves. The knowledge of the mundane world, the daily diet of pablum and pasturized milk, has become insufficient for satisfying the hearty appetite necessary for conscious evolution–meat, fresh fruit and vegetables must be had.

The world’s population is above 7.4 billion persons. Consequently, today we are seeing that an increasing number of potential students have evolved sufficiently so to have a magnetic center or point within the Heart (not to be taken literally). These seekers are experiencing the perennial calling and are actively seeking to find schools which are in contact with the knowledge of the One Great Esoteric School–the School which feeds all the worthy branches manifesting as exoteric schools of the Secret and Hidden Doctrine of the Ages. The currently existing circumstances within the world are opportune and ripe for an increased and renewed interest by the Adepti of Eternity for presenting the Doctrine or the Dharma or the Kabbalah or the Whatever in assuring that proper knowledge is reintroduced and propagated in a modern format within the several genuine, exoteric bodies presenting the True Teachings of the Brotherhood of Compassion.

The Work of Conscious Evolution is not limited solely to the preservation and presentation of sacred knowledge amongst the countries of the unifying world, but is actively involved in uncovering and halting the efforts of the Unworthy Ones in their continual attempts to either misrepresent and appropriate the Unfolding Teachings of Eternity for personal aggrandizement and monetary profit or substitute false teachings and drivel appealing to the greediness of the masses and thwarting the search efforts of those students worthy of entering into the Path of Conscious Evolution and Permanence.

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Today’s blog is the first of a series discussing metaphysics, mysticism and esoteric schools from the perspective of a conscious being, that is, an awakened or enlightened man or woman of the species, Homo sapiens. Consequently, do not be surprised if what you hear differs significantly from points of view taught in academia or in the New Age Movement. Frequently, information given by sources in these two areas is either incomplete (academia) or meaningless dribble (New Age Movement).

The information given today concerns the possible furtherance of your mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. An awareness which becomes consciously and purposely directed. An evolutionary path which is far beyond the mechanicalness and automaticity of Darwinian evolution. The reason we are breaching and addressing this most sacred subject is several-fold.

First, as a group, humanity has attained to material prosperity wherein exists sufficient health, wealth, desire and opportunity for serious inquiry into the perennial philosophy or calling, subjects matter concerning questions such as: Does the Universe operate with purpose? Does purpose arise out of Existence itself or was it ordained even before the birth of our Universe? What is the purpose of life? What is my personal purpose? Is life more than just materiality?

These and similar questions were asked during occasional moments of existential and material despair by our ancestors with quick answers being provided by the kings and priests so to maintain localized power and control. Only rarely did these questions and the need to find proper answers consume the lives of ancient mankind. For most persons, the importance of asking, and then, searching for the knowledge to answer these questions did not exist, and mankind as a group remained within the mundane world of mechanical evolution. Fortunately, some individuals learned how to ask the correct questions, questions which could be answered employing existing methods of logical and intuitive inquiry. Moreover, these individuals discovered the secrets of conscious evolution and how to assure that their individuality would survive physical death and be able to experience another life upon this earth or other equivalent celestial orb. The knowledge uncovered by these original students and teachers has generally remained hidden for the past 40,000 years from peoples of the mundane world, appearing only to those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and minds to receive and integrate. Such knowledge arose with the birth of human language and the capacity for episodic memory.

As the number of conscious beings increased, their numbers became sufficient so to assure physical contact with each other during earthly incarnation, such contact providing profitable opportunities for information exchange, theoretical and pragmatic. Eventually, the personal and shared knowledge and experience of these students and teachers grew and matured until a critical mass of knowledge arose sufficient for uncovering even the most hidden of nature’s secrets. These seekers found the answers to the questions they had asked and reached the state of permanence and immortality. They learned that:

“The birth of permanent liberation from the mechanical world
requires the death of the cultural and linguistic self.
The death of this self, in loving-kindness done,
unfolds solely through Awakening within the Limitless and Unborn.”

Having finally penetrated the secret door to the “God of Our Hearts,” to use an early term, these seekers saw the possibilities inherent within mankind for the establishment of a living, conscious Universe; possibilities prepared through the evolutionary experiments of Nature Herself. Consequently, they joined together founding an esoteric school dedicated to attaining and fulfilling man’s ultimate and potential destiny.

Kabbalah and Psychology ©

I discussed Kabbalah many years ago on the Institute’s international radio show, Mind, Brain, and Body with the Good Doctor. If you go to our website, you will find several recordings from the show and some written discourses concerning Kabbalah from my perspective.  The Rav I know best is Michael Laitman who founded Bnei Baruch in the early 1990s.  The members I have dealt with are serious students.

I do not consider myself a Kabbalist, though, my friends, who are serious Kabbalists, claim that what I teach is fully consistent with true Kabbalah. Curiously, my Christian theologian friends claim that I am a mystical Christian as what I teach is found in the New Testament. Other friends swear I am a Magus. So much for ‘labels’ eh?

I suggest you reread my teaching tale, the Tower of Babel, which is on the Institute website and on my blog. Truth is subtle and consistent; it has no need for separatist cognitive labels so to identify it with one school or another.

Many believe that the Hidden Teachings revolve around the developing of ‘psychic power (iddhi in Pali)’ to be utilized for personal advantage, i.e., to seek power, fame, or wealth. Others believe that the Ancient Knowledge is about the actual nature of creation with its several layers of experience. Unfortunately, very few seekers understand that Esoteric Knowledge is meant to be used by a seeker so to develop and grow his or her soul personality, while living in the physical world–nothing else. The Gospels are not about the actual physical life of Jesus, they describe and teach one how to deal with one’s inner man Pharisees, demons, helpers, and trials. Esoteric Knowledge is psychological in the ancient sense.

Back to Lurianic Kabbalah. Briefly, the course of instruction at BB follows the Kabbalah of Isaac Luria (16th century), as codified and expanded by the 20th century Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag in his Commentary on the Book of Zohar. If you have an interest, Google BB and check out their Kabbalah archives.

This Kabbalah teaches that Creator withdrew a portion of His Essence from a region in Ein Sof (the Limitless) creating a central void in which Primordial Man (Adam Kadmon) and all the countless worlds (Olamot) emerge. From Primordial Man emanate ten archetypal states (Sefirot) and twenty-two Holy Letters (Otiyot Yesod) as building blocks of the psychical universe, i.e., the Light of Bestowal. [Kabbalah does not speak about physical creation even though the names relate to physical items.]

The Wholeness of the emanating Light first forming Vessels for Reception (Kelim) built for the reception of further emanations (Ohr Ein Sof). For some unknown reason, the Kelim was unable to contain the added light and fractured and scattered in what is called the Catastrophe known as the Breaking of the Vessels (Shevirat ha-Kelim). This rupture in the cosmic psychological universe caused a separation of the unity into duality, a split between the masculine and the feminine aspects of Creator and Adam Kadmon.

The broken vessels tumbled downward, being scattered within the void, entrapping such individualized sparks in shrouds of darkness comprising the Sitra Achra [leftovers of a failed prior Catastrophe]. The world soul, instead of containing the pristine archetypal values of Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Love, Judgment, Beauty . . . , now contained the broken, displaced, and obscured lights and vessels as they coalesced as Quippoth (Husks). As a result, our world (Assiyah) is the worst of all possible worlds in which there is still hope.

As a result of the Breaking of the Vessels, the Primordial Adam was shattered into a multitude of individual souls, each comprised of the same fragments that form our world and exiled and alienated within the Sitra Achra (the Negative Tree). The inner work of each man and woman is to extract those sparks that are his or her fortune to encounter in life, and to raise and spiritualize them. If all persons are successful, they shall reconstitute the Sefirot and rebuild Primordial Man with his five Partzufim (Visages or Faces of Creator), restoring the harmony of the opposites, as well as the conjugal relations between the masculine and feminine aspects of God, man and the world.

Clearly, the above story is a psychological one as it applies individually and collectively to the psychological and conscious evolution of mankind and not the physical world.